Gallium acetylacetonate

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Gallium acetylacetonate
CAS number 14405-43-7
PubChem 16717626
Molecular formula GaC15H21O6
Appearance White solid
Density 1.42 g/cm3
Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)
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Gallium acetylacetonate, also referred to as Ga(acac)3, is a coordination complex with formula Ga(C5H7O2)3. This gallium complex with three acetylacetone ligands is used in research on Ga-containing materials. The molecule has D3 symmetry, being isomorphous with other octahedral tris(acetylacetonate)s.[1]


Gallium oxide thin films can be created with atomic layer epitaxy (ALE) by combining gallium acetylacetonate with either water or ozone as the precursor.[2] Ga(acac)3 can also be used for low temperature growth of high purity gallium nitride nano-wires and nano-needles.[3][4]