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The Galoria Hunter novels are a series of supernatural fantasy novels by Sarah Buchheit. The series is narrated by Sarah Hunter, Queen of the supernatural world. Sarah and her massive family of non-humans live in a world very similar to our own present-day, only supernatural beings are public knowledge. They are still not widely accepted though.

Sarah's Relationships[edit]

In book 1 (Blood Red Roses)and book 2 (Nephilim) Sarah and husband, Emmett Hunter, have an open marriage. Sarah makes the difference between her definition of open marriage and Emmett's definition very clear.

"My relationships tend to stay within the boundaries of ex's. Emmett has one night stands. I can't do one night stands. Even sluts like me have qualms about some aspects of our sluttiness. I don't do anything with strangers. I also haven't added anyone new to my list of loves since...well it's been at least twenty years." - Sarah in book 1 (Blood Red Roses)

In book 1 (Blood Red Roses) her extramarital relationships are with her ex-husbands, Jean-Claude de Beaufort and Catahecassa. By the end of the book, the three go their separate ways, with all three having a significant other. In book 2 (Nephilim) the tension between Sarah and Jean-Claude is palpable that he can't even stand to be in the same room with her.

Sarah's past and present loves include:

  • Emmett Hunter (husband)
  • Jean-Claude de Beaufort (ex-husband; father of five of her children, Brad, Charlie, Jolteon, Odette, and Asher)
  • Catahecassa (ex-husband)
  • Sampsa Auvo (ex-husband)
  • Doyle Wesley (ex-husband; father of two of her children, Taurence and Randy)
  • Thomas Angelo (ex-boyfriend; father of two of her children, Claire and Trina)
  • Astor (ex-girlfriend)
  • Marius Bandemer (ex-boyfriend)
  • Tommy Crew (ex-husband; human; father of her daughter, Penny)
  • Henri de Lioncourt (ex-husband; father of her son, Hunter)
  • Rémi Dole (ex-boyfriend)
  • Benjamin Durant (ex-husband; father of her daughter, Victoria)
  • Jason Hartley (ex-husband)
  • Roz Maguire (ex-husband; father of two of her children, Sarah and Jennifer)
  • Ian Mallok (ex-boyfriend)
  • Lucian Morgan (ex-husband; father of two of her sons, Ryan and Joshua)
  • Louis Rhys (ex-boyfriend)
  • Nathaniel Scarfe (ex-husband)
  • Teddy Sears (ex-boyfriend)
  • Randall Slater (ex-boyfriend)
  • Triljon (ex-boyfriend; father of her daughter, Storm)
  • Bentley Volturra


1. Blood Red Roses (2009) ISBN 978-0-557-19666-1

2. Nephilim (2010) ISBN 978-0-557-30512-4

3. Beauty and the Angel (mid-late 2010)

Major characters[edit]

Sarah Hunter[edit]

Sarah Hunter is the title character indirectly. Her true name is Galoria Mephistopheles. Well over 3,000 years old, Sarah has born and died more than seventy times. With every lifetime she gained another name. At the time of book 1 (Blood Red Roses), her full name is ninety-three names long.

Sarah is known for her strawberry blonde hair, hunter green eyes, short fuse,and short attention span. If her anger doesn't get her in trouble then her sarcasm surely will. A very long, very traumatic life has made her a bit insane. There was a time when she would have killed anyone in her path without blinking, but in the past couple years,Sarah has trained herself to remain calm and collected. That doesn't mean that if someone messed with her family she wouldn't laugh as she tortured them to death.

Sarah has over ninety living biological children. While she counts her sons as some of her closest friends, she has a very strained and sometimes volatile relationship with the majority of her daughters.

Sarah has both Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Coupled with her 5'1" stature and her 14-year-old appearance, Sarah can seem more like a child than the supernatural powerhouse that she is.

"It's a lot easier to commit crimes when there's nothing you can't do. Nothing can stop me from going anywhere. Most people don't know that because... well, what they don't know won't hurt me." - Sarah in book 1 (Blood Red Roses)

Sarah's Species[edit]

Sarah is a species all on her own and she is the only one. As she gained a name with every lifetime, she also gained a species or power.

Sarah's Powers/Abilities[edit]

Sarah's first life, Galoria, was the daughter of Galorian and Kalina Mephistopheles. Her father was the axis of evil. Since that lifetime, Sarah has had the ability of a fire elemental.

Emmett Hunter[edit]

Emmett Edward Hunter is the husband of Sarah Hunter, consequently making him King of the supernatural world. He can be calm and sweet or he can be distant, cold, and angry. He has medium-length dark brown hair and "Caribbean-crystal" blue eyes. He is 5'10".

"My husband is my best friend. He is the only person that I never forgot throughout my lifetimes. In each of my lives after Christine (my fifth life), from the moment I could remember, I was dreaming of Emmett Hunter." - Sarah in book 1 (Blood Red Roses)

Emmett's Species[edit]

  • Ice Elemental
  • Lycan
  • Dragon (red)
  • Level 4 Shape-shifter (primarily canines)
  • Hunter (vampire)
  • Incubus
  • Greek God of Desire

Emmett's Abilities[edit]

  • Telekinetic
  • Telepathic

Jean-Claude de Beaufort[edit]

Jean-Claude Matthias de Beaufort is Sarah Hunter's ex-husband and the father of three of her children (five including the twins born in Blood Red Roses). He was born a Corbin vampire. His mother was Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII. She was turned into a vampire when she was pregnant with Jean-Claude. After giving birth to him, she left her newborn son on a poor French family's doorstep. Instead of growing up a Dhampir, Jean-Claude grew up a full-blooded vampire. He has dark blue eyes and dark hair.

At the end of book 1 (Blood Red Roses) Sarah and Jean-Claude's relationship had halted as he started dating their mutual friend, Teddy Sears. In book 2 (Nephilim)that relationship is severely tested by Jean-Claude's inability to let go of Sarah.


Catahecassa is Sarah Hunter's ex-husband and father of nine of her offspring (offspring is used because they are horses/unicorns with no other form). He is King of the unicorns. He has blue eyes and dark hair. His friends call him "Cattie". In book 1 (Blood Red Roses) Cattie returns after years of being a recluse. Like Jean-Claude, Cattie began a relationship with Sarah, but by the end of the book, he has fallen for Jody Flood.