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SydneyNew South Wales
Galston Map.jpg
Location of Galston within Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Population 2,998 (2011)[1]
Postcode(s) 2159
Time zone AEST (UTC)
Location 36 km (22 mi) north-west of Sydney CBD
LGA(s) Hornsby Shire
Region Hills District
County Cumberland[2]
State electorate(s) Hornsby
Federal Division(s) Berowra
Suburbs around Galston:
Glenorie Arcadia Berrilee
Middle Dural Galston Hornsby Heights
Dural Dural Dural

Galston is a peaceful semi-rural suburb located in the Hills District of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Galston is located at the perfect distance from the city at 36 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the Hornsby Shire. Galston is in the NSW state electoral district of Hornsby and Federal division of Berowra. Galston is a small region of paradise that is situated on the left of Hornsby.


The traditional custodians of the region were from the Dharug language group. The area was originally known as Upper Dural until early settler Alex Hutchinson suggested in 1886 that the new school be named Galston after the town of Galston, East Ayrshire in Scotland. Galston had always been an agricultural town since European settlement and was home to a huge amount of orchid growers. Galston Public School, Fagan Park and Waddell Cottage are some of the most historically important places in Galston. In 1973 Galston was proposed to be a good location for Sydney's second international airport but luckily for the community the idea did not happen for the agricultural town. [1]


Galston Gorge[edit]

Galston Gorge is located between Galston and Hornsby Heights, Galston Gorge is at the bottom of Galston Road, a winding road with several hairpin bends. The Galston Gorge is the most direct route from Galston to Hornsby although there is a limit for vehicles over 7 metres. The Galston Gorge carries over 5,000 vehicles per day. As you can see in the photograph the Galston Gorge does get extremely wet and does flood during torrential rain. The Galston Gorge is not the safest of all roads due to how windy it is. In January, 2014 a car flipped in the Galston Gorge. Over the years the Gorge has been blocked from oversized vehicles attempting to enter the Gorge. This is why the regulations are enforced that vehicles over 7.5 metres are not to enter the Gorge. A round-a-bout was recently placed at the intersection of Calderwood Road and Galston Road which had a barrier to prevent vehicles over 7.5 metres from entering the Gorge. Cameras are positioned next to the round-a-bout to log trucks that attempt to enter the Gorge. [3]

Galston Gorge

Waddell Cottage[edit]

Historic Waddell Cottage, which is the former family home of one of the original orchard growers in the area, is situated next to Galston High School. The land on which Waddell Cottage sits on was handed over to the NSW Department of Education & Training over 40 years ago. A decision was made to keep the historic Waddell Cottage due to its long history. Waddell Cottage has been repaired numerous times and is well kempt. The cottage is surrounded by a small garden which is in excellent condition. The cottage was built in 1866 by James Waddell.

History Cottage[edit]

History Cottage, owned by Hornsby Council and located next to Hayes Park (Galston Recreation Reserve), is the home of the Dural & District Historical Society.

Buddhist Temple[edit]

The Buddhist Golden Wheel Temple on Galston Road is a modern building with magnificent gardens tended by members of the temple community. The gardens, which feature flowering peach trees, are open to the public in early September each year.


The Crusader Union of Australia runs a Christian education campsite at 8 Crusader Road, Galston. In a bushland location, The Galston Gorge Conference & Recreation Centre is used for church camps, music camps, school camps and community groups and accommodates up to 200 guests in lodges with ensuite bathrooms and lounge areas.[4]

Fagan Park[edit]

Fagan Park is a large recreation area located at Arcadia Road. It includes the Gardens of Many Nations and a picnic area at Carrs Bush. Fagan Park was originally owned by the Fagan family as farming land before it was donated to the Department of Lands where then the land was appointed to the Hornsby Shire Council who currently maintain the land.

Fagan Park


Commercial areas[edit]

The Galston shopping village is on Galston Road. The Galston Community Bendigo Bank branch which is a huge sponsor of the Galston community is also situated on Galston Road next to the Galston Shopping Village. Franklins Supermarket was located there which will be taken over by Aldi Supermarkets later on this year. The Galston Branch Library is situated in the deconsecrated Anglican Church opposite. Swane's Nursery on Galston Road is a regular stop for tour groups from all over Sydney. Until recently, this nursery with its ornamental gardens and magnificent rose displays was owned by the local Swane family. There is no heavy industry in Galston. Many small businesses are run from homes in the area. Agriculture is a significant industry, with a number of orchards growing citrus, persimmons, strawberries and stone fruit. Some properties grow hydroponic produce. Chickens are raised on several properties with Summertime Chickens being one of the largest businesses in the area as well as Game Farm. There are numerous small specialist and larger retail plant nurseries in the Galston area.


There is a variety of housing available in Galston. There are a number of recently built modern brick townhouses and home units close in to the shopping village and several hundred modern brick dwellings in subdivisions near the village. Dwellings on the many 5-acre (20,000 m2) lots in the suburb range from older simple fibro and timber cottages to substantial, luxurious brick and tile residences. The Hornsby Shire Council is currently reviewing its planning and development allowances to allow many 5 acre plots close to the centre of Galston to be split into subdivisions allowing growth in the Galston town centre region. [6]



Hornsby Shire's largest annual community event, the Bushland Shire Festival, is held at Fagan Park every September and is organised by Hornsby Shire Council. Galston hosted the annual Galston Country Music Festival, which was held on a Sunday in early September. 2008 marked the last one that was held. Past performers at the festival included Troy Cassar-Daley, Kasey Chambers, Pat Drummond, The Bushwackers, Smoky Dawson, Normie Rowe, Nicki Gillis and the pop group Bella. Galston Rotary Club which hosted this event, patronised by the legendary Frank Ifield, now stages Opera by the Lake in Fagan Park on the first Sunday in May. The Galston SpringFest (started in 1982/3 by Galston Rotary as the Galston Spring Festival) is also held in early September each year. The Galston Garden Club holds an Open Gardens Weekend each October where several local gardens are open to public view. Galston also hosts the Rotary Scarecrow festival where families and friends gather to create the best scarecrow.


Galston High School (7-12)
Galston Public School (K-6)
KU Galston Preschool

It is extremely convenient for students and families in the Galston community to have access to education from preschool to year 12 without leaving the town despite the population and semi-rural location. Galston is not home to any private schools. The nearast private schools are

Pacific Hills Christian School
Barkers Collage
The Hills Grammar School
Northholm Grammar School


Galston has limited transport although it does have a few Opal Card bus routes such as 638 and 637 which is a very frequent bus service. The nearest train station to Galston is Hornsby Station which is also an Opal activated station. The future North West Rail Link will benefit Galston strongly with the nearest station being Castle Hill and the high speed rail will make it far easier for Galston residents to travel to the Sydney Central Business District. The major bus operator in Galston is Hills Bus which operates as public transport for the whole of the Hills District. During mornings and afternoons on school days, a lot of buses pass through Galston to serve for Galston High School's large catchment area and Galston Public School as well as traffic from other local schools. Adults are not however allowed to travel on most of these buses as they are school buses except for bus 637 and bus 638 which are public buses. [7]


Galston Aquatic & Leisure Centre[edit]

The Galston Aquatic and Leisure Centre features a 25 metre, six lane indoor heated pool with a squad club. The aquatic centre also features a gymnasium and a learn to swim club as well as many other aquatic activities. [8]

Galston Skate Park[edit]

Next door to the Galston Aquatic Centre is the Galston skate park where many skaters ride. The location opposite Galston High School makes it easily accessible for teenage skaters. The Hornsby Shire Coucil as a result constantly removes vandalism from graffiti attacks around the area at places such as the swimming pool noticeboard and at the buildings on Hayes Oval.

Hayes Oval[edit]

Hayes Oval is the home to the Hills Hawks Soccer team and due to the high usage of the facility coach rooms, a canteen and a spectator area were built. These buildings are situated on the Galston Road side of Hayes Oval. Hayes Oval is used for soccer, softball, cricket and many other sporting activities. [9]

Galston Library[edit]

Galston Library is the town library which is managed by the Hornsby Shire Council. Recently works were undertaken on replacing the roof of the Galston Library. Galston Library is not big and is an old building. [10]


Galston has a very strong and supportive community made up of many small businesses. Galston's community is outstanding and helps local schools, local businesses and supports local events. As Galston is semi-rural everybody knows each other and supports each other. There are very few commercial businesses in Galston which is what makes Galston very unique as the small businesses all have their own style and their own expertise. Public schools in the Galston region support each other in the Galston Community of Schools. Galston's local Bendigo Bank Community Branch is a main sponsor to the Galston community and supports the region's schools, events and facilities. Bendigo Bank is the only bank in Galston and is one of the very few in the region meaning that many people in the area have a bank account at the Galston Bendigo Bank Branch which helps the community a lot. Galston and Glenorie has its own magazine which is not even from a commercial business but is from a local business Adelphi Design & Print. The council is a key part of Galston as many of the facilities across the town are owned by the Hornsby Shire Council. Some of these include Fagan Park, Galston Library, Galston Community Centre, Galston Aquatic Centre, Galston Recreation Reserve, Hayes Oval and many more.


Galston had a population of 2,998 people during the 2011 census. 1,471 people people male whereas 1,527 people were female. The age group with the most amount of people in Galston was people who were aged 50-54 years and there were 249 people in this age group. The biggest age group in the youth population of Galston were children from 15-19 years of age. This age group had 239 people.



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Coordinates: 33°39′00″S 151°02′35″E / 33.650°S 151.043°E / -33.650; 151.043