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This article is about the American soccer team. For for the defunct baseball team, see Galveston Pirates.
Galveston Pirate Soccer Club
Galveston Pirate Soccer Club Badge w- Star.png
Galveston Pirate SC Badge with Championship Star
Full name Galveston Pirate Soccer Club
Nickname(s) The Pirates
Founded 1916
Stadium Ron Carter International Soccer Development Center in Alvin, Texas
Ground Capacity 700-1000
Owner United States William Alsobrook
Head Coach Bijan Timjani
League Texas Premier Soccer League
2013-14 6th
Playoffs: Did Not Participate

Galveston Pirate SC is an American soccer team based in Alvin, Texas. Founded in 1916, the team played until the 1940s, then reemerged in the 1960s and 1970s for a period of about seven years each time. In 2010 the team was again reborn and played in the fourth-tier National Premier Soccer League as an expansion team in 2011-12, a season they finished as the champions of the South Central Conference. Team owner Brendan Keyes relocated and rebranded the NPSL franchise for the 2013 season as Houston Hurricanes FC, but stated he will continue to use the Pirate brand in local leagues and tournaments.

The team's home field is Ron Carter International Soccer Development Center, owned by John Davies. The team's colors are Navy Blue, Gold and White.


Galveston Pirate SC has a long history from the Galveston area going back to the original soccer team of 1916. The team came back in the 1960s and 70s, but lost momentum.

Pirate SC joins NPSL[edit]

On June 1, 2010, the National Premier Soccer League introduced Galveston Pirate SC as the thirty-fifth team to join the league and the second team to join the Texas Division (Regals FC the first, Corpus Christi Fuel the third, and FC Tulsa the fourth). Pirate SC, Regals FC, Corpus Christi Fuel, and FC Tulsa would have made up the Texas Division of the National Premier Soccer League and would have begun play in the 2010–2011 season in October 2010 and continued into March 31, 2011. The Winter League would have complemented the already existing NPSL Premier Season which runs yearly from April 1 to August 1. Pirate SC announced they would play their home games at Kermit Courville Stadium (owned by the Galveston Independent School District). NPSL named Brendan Keyes as the owner of Pirate SC.

Pirate SC, NPSL South Central create SPSL[edit]

Before the NPSL Winter League could start, FC Tulsa left the division at the last minute. National Premier Soccer League's remaining three South Central teams, Galveston Pirate SC, Regals FC, and Corpus Christi Fuel, joined with Texas Lonestrikers, Tulsa Lobos FC, and Houston-based Club América Academy, left to form the Southern Premier Soccer League to play later that year for the 2010-11 SPSL Winter Season.

Change of league[edit]

Galveston Pirates top of the league table decided to leave the SPSL after an incident with refereeing decisions during a match between themselves and rivals Regals FC on February 12, 2011. An unwarranted intervention by a Regals FC representative at the end of the match caused more animosity to an already fragile situation. The club representative has since made various claims about Keyes, none of which have been verified by any US Soccer body. Pirate SC decided to withdraw from the SPSL and joined the Houston Football Association on March 3, 2011.[1]

Rise to Division 4[edit]

On October 12, 2011, the National Premier Soccer League announced that five new teams, including Galveston Pirate SC, would join the league for the 2012 season in the Southeast Division in the Western Conference.[2]

Pirate SC joins the TPSL[edit]

Galveston Pirate SC is a founding member of the Texas Premier Soccer League. The league was founded in 2013, and is still growing.

Pirate SC Official Affiliations[edit]

Galveston Pirate SC have announced official affiliation partnerships with Ayr United FC, Ayr, Scotland UK; Alloway FC, Australia; Monmouth Town FC, Monmouth Wales, UK, Walsall Football Club, Walsall, England, UK and The West Indies Football Association

Notable Matches[edit]

Pirates v San Antonio Scorpions[edit]

On March 9, 2012, Galveston Pirate Soccer Club made the trip to San Antonio to face off in a scrimmage match against new North American Soccer League side, San Antonio Scorpions.

The kickoff was scheduled for Friday 9th at 8pm but due to torrential rain, the start was delayed until the following morning at 9.30. The venue was also rearranged, with Heroes Stadium now being the preferred choice thanks to the artificial turf being more durable in the weather conditions.

The match ended 3-0 for the Scorpions but proved to be a worthwhile runout for both sides as they headed towards both their upcoming inaugural respective NASL & NPSL leagues.[3]

Pirates v Monterrey Rayados[edit]

On April 20, 2012, Galveston Pirate Soccer Club announced the details of possibly the largest sporting event that the city of Galveston has ever seen.

The club revealed that after extensive talks, they had secured an international challenge match with 2 time, re-crowned, CONCACAF Champions, Club de Futbol Monterrey who ply their trade in the Mexican Premier League.

The match was played at Galveston's larger stadium, Kermit Courville which has a capacity of 10,000 as large volumes of supporters came to see the Mexican giants.

July 2, 7pm kickoff, Kermit Courville Stadium, 1307, 27th Street, Galveston.[4]

Crest & Jersey[edit]

The colors of Pirate SC crest are navy blue, yellow and white. The Est. 1916 ribbon in the crest is a nod to the original Galveston Pirate Soccer Club first formed in 1916.

Admiral Join as Kit Supplier[edit]

In January 24, 2012, the Pirates were proud to announce a 5 year deal with UK Sports apparel giant, Admiral Sportswear, that would see the company supply the clubs kit, propelling them onto a level of quality product that has been seen the world over.[5]

Uniform Unveiling[edit]

On March 5, 2012, Galveston Pirates proudly unveiled their new Admiral supplied uniform for the upcoming NPSL South-South Central Conference season.

The event took place at Holiday Inn Resort, Galveston where over 70 press and media representatives gathered to capture the moment for news releases. The unveiling was preceded by official announcement of the NPSL fixture list where guests included Pirate Head Coach Brendan Keyes and representatives from Azteca 51, Holiday Inn, HFA, Regals SCA, America USA FC and Galveston Daily News among others.

The main unveiling was presented amid a fanfare of Ozzy Osbourne music and a cloud of billowing smoke. From the smoke emerged the newly formed Pirate Girls, Leslie Hull, Jessica Lee and Jessica Dennee in the new outfits much to the delight of the waiting paparazzi. [6]

Home Uniform Sponsor[edit]

Galveston Pirate Soccer Club has not announced a shirt sponsor for 2014

Away Uniform Sponsor[edit]

Galveston Pirate SC have not announced an Away Shirt Sponsor for 2014


Current Stadium[edit]

Ron Carter International Soccer Development Center, owned by John Davies; Alvin, Texas (2014–present).

The club will play their upcoming TPSL matches at the Ron Carter International Soccer Development Center, 1156 Fox Meadow Drive, Alvin TX. With a capacity of over a thousand occupants, the size and location of the complex is ideal in order to create atmosphere and ambiance during the clubs home matches.

The Pirates will play home games here over the course of the 2014-2015 TPSL season.

Previous Stadium[edit]

In January 2010, GISD announced that it was replacing the Kermit Courville Stadium with a new stadium on 83rd Street on a plot of land near the district's baseball and softball fields. The district decided to develop the site since the district owns enough land on that site to develop one stadium and legally sufficient parking without having to buy additional land. As of that month the district estimated that a new stadium would cost between $30 million and $34 million. The district may try to get naming rights to the stadium to help finance it. Preliminary plans call for a multipurpose stadium with a capacity to seat 6,000 to 10,000 spectators, 722 parking spaces, and an eight lane track. The new stadium would have features that would allow it to host events for band, drill team, soccer (football), and track and field events. In addition the stadium will host dance competitions and graduation ceremonies.[7]

Team Officials[edit]

  • Owner: William Alsobrook
  • Equity Partners: Bethany Alsobrook, James Baird, Ernie Alsobrook Jr., Linda Kay Alsobrook, Lonnie King, Tyler Cambell

Senior Club Staff

  • Chief Executive Officer: William Alsobrook
  • Chief Human Resources Officer: Bethany Alsobrook
  • Chief Financial Officer: Bethany Alsobrook
  • Chief Operating Officer: Ernie Alsobrook
  • Senior Vice President: Linda Alsobrook
  • Executive Vice President for Soccer Operations: James Baird
  • Executive Vice President of Marketing: Tyler Cambell
  • Executive Vice President: Lonnie King
  • General Manager: Creighton Brooks
  • Assistant General Manager: Randy Wooster

Coaching Staff

  • Head coach: Bijan Timjani
  • Assistant Coach: Pedro Aquino
  • Assistant Coach: Bill Alsobrook
  • Assistant Coach: Hector DeLeon
  • Goalkeepers Coach: John Nobile
  • Goalkeepers Coach: James Baird
  • Athletic Trainer:
  • Assistant Athletic Trainer:
  • Manager, PR/Media: Doug Mann
  • Equipment Manager: Kimberley Alsobrook
  • Team Physician: Pedro Aquino, MD
  • Team Nurse:
  • Dance Team Coordinator: Elyssa Ortuno


  • Roy Hernandez is the first Pirate SC player to score a hat-trick, doing so in the third preseason match on July 10, 2010 against Houston Football Association's Houston Rangers by a score of 3–1 in Pirate SC's inaugural season. Hernandez got the team's and his second hat-trick against Club Corpus Christi Fuel two games later in a 3–3 tie in the fifth preseason match on July 17, 2010.
  • Galveston Pirate SC is the OLDEST soccer club in TEXAS!


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