Galwan River

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Galwan River
Location China and India
Avg. discharge Shyok River
River system Indus River
Galwan River is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Galwan River
Galwan River
Galwan River (Jammu and Kashmir)

Coordinates: 34°44′49″N 78°15′47″E / 34.747°N 78.263°E / 34.747; 78.263 The Galwan River flows from southern Xinjiang region of China to Jammu and Kashmir of India. It originates in the Samzungling and flows west to join the Shyok River at 34°45′33″N 78°10′13″E / 34.75917°N 78.17028°E / 34.75917; 78.17028. It is one of the upstream tributaries of the Indus River.

The river's length is about 80 kilometers, and it is fast-flowing. The river is named after Ghulam Rasool Galwan, a man from Leh.[1] The upper reaches of the river and its valley are in the disputed Aksai Chin region claimed by India, but have been under Chinese control since at least 1959. The terrain in the valley is extremely difficult. In 1962 India set up a military post on the upper reaches of the Galwan but it was wiped out during the Sino-Indian War.[2]


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