Gambhir River

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Gambhir River originates in the hills near Hindaun Rural in Hindaun Subdivision in Karauli, Rajasthan. It flows around the Hindaun City in Hindaun Subdivision. It flows from south to north up to Kanjoli village (Toda Bhim), then towards northeast up to village Mertha of Roopbas Block, before entering Uttar Pradesh. The river again enters Rajasthan near Catchapaura village in Dholpur District and forms the boundary between UP and Rajasthan. It then enters Mainpuri District in UP to finally joins River Yamuna. It Flows between Bayana City (A Historical Place) & Brahmbad Village In Bharatpur District. It Supplies Water For Keoladev Ghana Bird Century, Bharatpur,Rajasthan. It is a seasonal river, so only flow in rainy season.

Important tributaries of the Gambhir are Sesa, Kher and Parbati.


Coordinates: 23°26′N 75°36′E / 23.433°N 75.600°E / 23.433; 75.600