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GamePolitics homepage.
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Commercial? No
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Owner Entertainment Consumers Association
Created by Dennis McCauley
Alexa rank
negative increase 100,975 (April 2014)[1] is a blog about the politics of computer and video games started by freelance journalist Dennis McCauley.[2]

Frequent topics include video game legislation, the effects of media coverage on video games and gamer culture, and stories about high-profile critics and/or supporters of the industry. The activities of Jack Thompson, an activist against violence and/or sex in video games,[3][4][5] are a common subject of discussion.

Some important figures in the gaming field have also posted on the site, including IEMA founder Hal Halpin and attorney Tom Buscaglia, a defender of the gaming industry. Thompson occasionally posts comments as well.

On October 25, 2006, it was announced that had become part of the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA).[6]

On September 14, 2009, it was announced that Dennis McCauley has stepped down as head editor for, and that Pete Gallagher (former Editor-in-Chief of ECA Today and GameDaily) will be taking the reins.[7]

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