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Game Software Rating Regulations (遊戲軟體分級管理辦法), also translated as Game Software Rating Management Regulations, is the video game content rating system used in Taiwan. The law was established on 6 July 2006 and amended 29 May 2012.[1]


The system uses five ratings:[1]

  • 普遍級 (General Public) (G) - Appropriate for all ages
  • 保護級 (Protected) (P) - Prohibited to anyone under 6
  • 輔12級 (Parental Guidance 12) (PG 12) - Prohibited to anyone under 12
  • 輔15級 (Parental Guidance 15) (PG 15) - Prohibited to anyone under 15
  • 限制級 (Restricted) (R) - Prohibited to anyone under 18

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