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Game Xtreme 5 or GX5 is a television show which is aired on Okto on December 21, 2008.

What is GX5[edit]

GX5 revolves around 5 teens who were invited to play the new game "Game Xtreme" and unwittingly get themselves trapped inside it. As they try to find ways and means to get out from their predicament, they realise that there’s a strong opposing force who’s trying to keep them in it and he’s none other than the Evil Lord of Game Xtreme, Evil G, and his sidekick Spam. They managed to get out of the game not knowing that they still retained their powers and their superhero adventures have only just begun.

Main characters[edit]

Claire Matthews[edit]

Claire is a 16-year-old girl. She is played by Kim Wakerman. Although fashion-conscious and vain, Claire is actually contrary to the bimbo she appears to be. She is not only fashionable but also witty and comes up with the best ideas in the group without much effort. She’s brought up in an environment where she's often pampered and thus–finds herself often in the center of attention: so she exhibits drama queen type personality. However, her obsession with looking picture-perfect is often a hindrance to the group’s mission. Not only that, her strong opinions often sets off rant and rave sessions with Ryan. Catchphrase often used: “Oh my goodness!”

Superpower: Invisibility Somehow as if it was the exact opposite of her personality, the super power which she discovered she had after returning to the real world from the virtual gameworld is, surprisingly, invisibility. But as she’ll discover: she can only utilise this superpower when she holds her breath. As such navigating her way around while staying invisible will be a bit of a challenge.

Ryan Tan[edit]

Ryan is 17 year-old played by Lenny Ross. An ardent gamer, Ryan is quite an irresponsible and lazy punk who spends too much time at gaming shops and too little time in school. Opinionated, Ryan is also often strong headed about many things in his perspective and as such often quarrels with the other vocal people around him with strong personalities. In part, this is due to his American accent while spending his younger years growing up in Los Angeles, before finally settling in Singapore. At times, he can be arrogant, sarcastic and playful, but this gradually changes as he learns from life lessons and becomes more responsible and accountable as being the eldest of the group.

Super Power: Shape Shifting Probably one of the most unique super powers of the group, Ryan is able to use this super power under intense concentration to shape shift to another person or object. But he must first be able to touch the person or object that he wants to the shape shift into. Although he can voluntarily change back to himself, he will involuntarily change back anytime should anyone in GX5 call out his name.

Wong Zhen Kai[edit]

Zhen Kai is 10 years old. He is short and small-built and life of the party. He is played by Yap Zheng Yan. As the “baby” of the group, Zhen Kai is adored by the others. Because of his age, he’s usually ignorant about things around him and hence is often jovial, trusting and innocent. This leads to his fun-loving ‘live wire’ nature. He also has a talent for wushu and it certainly comes in handy during GX5 fights. Not known by many, Zhen Kai’s parents are also similarly jovial and fun-loving. Quite a fan of electronic games as well, Zhen Kai also likes typical fighting games and sometimes mimics the actions and moves. His innocence makes him lovable, even when he sometimes asks questions at the wrong time and under the wrong circumstances, whereas his over-optimistic nature sometimes gets on the nerve of others. The catchphrase he often uses is: “Nice!”

Super Power: Electric Bolts As an extension to his behaviour of being a livewire, Zhen Kai is able to shoot short-ranged electric bolts within visible distance–and hence is often a favourite among the others when it comes down to battles against the minions.

Chen Shu Yi[edit]

Shu Yi a 14-year-old athletic played by Ng Meizhi. She is a gymnast. A helpful and caring girl by nature, Shu Yi is the “mother” of the group and makes sure everyone, especially Zhen Kai, is well taken care of. Pretty much an overachiever, she also often acts as the law-abiding/peacemaker during quarrels. She usually tries to correct other people’s English which sometimes results in her being too helpful.

Super Power: Freeze Shu Yi's superpower is freezing objects but she can only freeze one object or person and she must have it to be in her view for it to remain frozen.

Ridzwan Ali[edit]

Ridzwan is a 14-year-old, skinny and bespectacled geek played by Mohd Firdaus. The most academic of the group, Ridzwan has topped every class he was in since Primary 1. He reads extensively, even for leisure. He also gains his vast general knowledge online which is quite impressive and useful in their adventures. Because of this, he’s often found in the library. Ridzwan's life has always been quite a private one and as such, not very street smart or savvy. He’s also very proficient with the computer and has always been known to spew many technical abbreviations in place of words in his speech. Due of his non out-going nature, he is a relatively quiet boy and was even bullied by Ryan and his friends in the past.


Evil G[edit]

Evil G is the villain played by Stuart Lightheart. Evil G is the classic villain that laughs with his signature evil laughter and threatens with his signature evil loud rants. Originally programmed to be the all-out baddie in Game Xtreme, the virtual gameworld, his role is simply to prevent all players in the game from escaping and he does this with his signature laughter and threats. Being stuck in the virtual gameworld and residing in his Evil room where he operates mainly from. When he’s out in the real world, his role would then be to get them back into the gameworld. Evil G has no self-consciousness and no self-identity. His goal is just to get kids back into game. In contrast, in all seriousness, he is very different from Spam. His catchphrases are "I’ll pull your plug!", "Wait till I erase your hard disk!" and "It’s be game over for you!"


Spam is Evil G's sidekick played by Wai Kit. As a very one-dimensional character, Spam the sidekick does not have much of either a background or a character except to eagerly follow the orders of his evil master, Evil G. His strength lies in his relentless execution of tasks assigned in an effort to please Evil G, even if it’s beyond his means. He will try all sorts of ways to achieve it, and sometimes to extremely comical results. Spam has no self-consciousness and no self-identity. His goal is just to get kids back into game. He and Evil G communicate via a suspended visual/image. Often the catalyst of trouble, Spam is continually looking to create chaos.

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