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Game cake
Wii Cake.jpg
Main ingredient(s) Chocolate cake

A game cake, or video game cake, is a baked chocolate cake decorated to look like a popular video game console, character or icon. Game cakes typically contain multiple layers of dyed marzipan or icing over the solid cake to recreate the simplistic visual design of the console or character. Use of game cakes is common amongst geek culture, being offered as a dessert at birthdays and weddings

Popular video game blog Kotaku commonly features a variety of game cakes, noting the creativity of some whilst ridiculing some of the more dubious creations. The large amount of game cake related articles has caused Kotaku to launch their sister blog, Caketaku.

Other sites like Game-Cake base their entire website off of video game themed cakes. Descriptions and fun facts are found within each cake page about the game.

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