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Game Court is one of the names for a multisport game court commonly referred to by the generic names sport court, or game-courts, typically incorporate basketball, paddle tennis, volleyball, and up to a dozen more court sports and activities within the same playing area and are usually smaller than a regulation tennis or basketball court although the dimensions or size of the court are not set. Popular since the 1970s Gamecourts are growing in popularity as families look for healthy recreational activities away from the television and computer.

Game Courts are usually constructed using a rectangular cement slab with at least one basketball goal, center net posts and a net adjustment system to easily raise and lower the net from paddle tennis height to volleyball height. Lights, ball containment, hockey goals, shuffleboard markings, and practice components such as a rebounder are frequently incorporated into the design.


The surface of a gamecourt is tailored to the sports applications intended for the surface. There are several options for the surface type as well as the markings. Game courts will generally have markings that will accommodate different sports applications. Examples include a court that has both the keyhole and 3-point lines of a basketball with accompanying hoop, as well as the marks and net for a tennis court (which may be used for badminton and volleyball as well). Court surfacing is typically a painted acrylic or a suspend self draining modular flooring.

Ball Containment[edit]

Gamecourts for private use will frequently be built with a high fence surrounding the surface to allow for containment of the ball used in play. Any of several materials have been used in construction including chain link fencing of fabric mesh.

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