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Games2win India Pvt. Ltd.
Games2win Logo.png
Type Casual games, Online games
Founded 2005
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Key people Alok Kejriwal: CEO
Mahesh Khambadkone: COO
Raj Menon: Director
Industry Online Media
Available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese Brazilian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Greek and Turkish
Current status Active

Games2win is one of the top 20 online gaming Online gaming businesses in the world as per Comscore.The company Games2win India Pvt. Ltd. was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Alok Kejriwal[1] and Mahesh Khambadkone, a gaming technocrat. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

A top tier VC funded business, Games2win owns and operates its own game development studio and entertains over 20 million unique users each month via its 600+ flash games available across the web and mobile devices, its very own in-game ads network and it’s newly launched social platform for mobile applications and web games.


Alok Kejriwal, a serial entrepreneur and founder of co-founded Games2win India Pvt. Ltd along with Mahesh Khambadkone, a gaming technocrat in 2005.The company launched, India’s first casual gaming site in is an online flash gaming site for girls in USA and India.

In February 2007, Games2win launched a talent platform for Gamers called Temple of 7. This was a group of professional gamers signed up by Games2win to compete in all key gaming tournaments, nationally and internationally.

In March 2007, Games2win raised $5 million from leading U.S.venture capital firms Clearstone Venture Partners and Silicon Valley Bank Financial Group.

In October 2007, Games2win partnered with Sega Corporation of Japan as their exclusive online distributor in India for CT Racer – an online multiplayer car racing game.

In June 2008, Games2win launched its first application on Orkut called Slapster.[2] Slapster became a top application on Orkut within a few days of its launch.

In July 2008, Games2win launched an online games ad network, InviziAds.[3]

In November 2008, Games2win launched, a search engine for online flash games. The site allows users to rate the games that they play using simple smiley icons.

In October 2009, Games2win launched its second online flash gaming site, The site caters to male gamers and hosts 100+ games ranging in genres such as Car, Shooting, Action, Cricket, and Sports.

In March 2010, Games2win launched a virtual world for kids called On, kids can play games, earn coins, buy clothes to dress their Chimpoos, buy toys to decorate their houses.

In July 2010, Games2win launched its first iOS iOS app on iTunes, named SuperMom1. The game reached #2 rank in free game apps category for iPhone in the USA and was downloaded over 150,000 times within four days. As of January 2012, Games2win has over 30 free and paid applications live on iTunes.

In August 2010, Games2win launched its fully loaded social game on Facebook, called Junkyard Mayhem. Junkyard Mayhem allows its users to set up their own Junkyard business, buy junked cars, scrap them and sell their parts for profit.

In March 2011, Games2win secured $6 million in Series B funding from Clearstone Venture Partners and Silicon Valley Bank.

In June 2011, Games2win launched Turbo Cricket on Android Market, its first app for Android Mobile phones.

In January 2012, Games2win launched Appucino, a social platform for mobile phones, called Appucino. Appucino is a non-intrusive interactive tray that sits invisibly in a mobile app. It provides app users with engaging features like Chat, Competition through real-time location-based leaderboards, and Gifting items to their friends.

As of January 2012, Games2win continues to publish games on current affairs; the latest ones being Kill Osama Bin Laden game and Kill Kasab game.

History[edit] was launched in 1999 by The initial games were often a funny[clarification needed] take on current issues in India. Since then Games2win has grown to become a popular online gaming site for girls. In 2007, Games2win launched a talent platform for gamers called Temple of 7. This was group of professional gamers signed up by Games2win to compete in all key gaming tournaments, nationally and internationally.


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