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Not to be confused with Game Sauce.
Editor-in-Chief Jake Simpson
Categories Video game magazine
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher Jessica Tams
First issue Fall 2009
Company Gamesauce
Country United States
37°46′51″N 122°23′45″W / 37.7808°N 122.3957°W / 37.7808; -122.3957
Language English

Gamesauce is a full-color trade magazine and on-line portal for the game industry founded in Fall 2009 by Jessica Tams, managing director of the Casual Games Association[1] focusing on the international video game industry. The magazine currently has an international distribution of over 23,000.[2]


Interview with John Romero[edit]

In 2010, the magazine published a widely cited interview with game designer John Romero, in which he apologized for a poorly received advertisement for his game Daikatana.[3][4]


The first Gamesauce conference took place in Seattle on July 19, 2010.[5] The conference featured different talks by industry professionals on their jobs, projects and ideas about the state of the game industry.

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