Ganei Tal

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Ganei Tal
גַּנֵּי טַל
Ganei Tal is located in the Gaza Strip
Ganei Tal
Ganei Tal
Coordinates: 31°22′25″N 34°18′06″E / 31.37361°N 34.30167°E / 31.37361; 34.30167Coordinates: 31°22′25″N 34°18′06″E / 31.37361°N 34.30167°E / 31.37361; 34.30167
Founded 1979
Founded by Bnei Akiva graduates
Name meaning Gardens of Dew

Ganei Tal (Hebrew: גַּנֵּי טַל, lit. Gardens of Dew) was an Israeli settlement in the south of the Gaza Strip, located in the Gush Katif settlement bloc.


Ganei Tal was established as a moshav in 1979 with a primarily agricultural purpose; exporting geraniums and tomatoes to Europe. It had a population of some 75 families, or 500 people.

Lined with stucco buildings and greenhouses, it sat next to the Palestinian city of Khan Yunis, which was the source of many rocket attacks against the settlement.

Unilateral Disengagement[edit]

The residents of Ganei Tal were forcibly evicted from their homes on 17 August 2005 as part of the unilateral disengagement plan, decided on by the Israeli government in 2004. Their houses were destroyed once the evictions were complete.

Palestinian Plans[edit]

In 2007, Hamas announced plans to build a "media city" on the site.[1]