Ganesh Prasad Srivastava

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G P Srivastava
Ganesh Prasad Srivastava.JPG
Ganesh Prasad Srivastava at a Delhi University Seminar

Ganesh Prasad Srivastava, was an Indian professor of physics and author of several books.

After a distinguished academic career of more than fifty years, he retired as Professor of Electronics from the Delhi University where he taught Microwave Electronics for more than thirty-five years. He established a large Microwave Research group At Delhi University. He started teaching of Electronics as a discipline separate from Physics and was the first Head of the Department of Electronic Science at the South Campus of the Delhi University. He also served as Pro-Vice Chancellor of Delhi University. He had worked with Nobel Laureate Professor Gerhard Herzberg at National Research Council of Canada. His other assignments included work at the University of Sheffield, U.K.; University of Queensland, Australia; University of Piere-et Marie Curie, France; and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Education and Career[edit]

He did his PhD under Professor Krishnaji of Allahabad University. He also worked with Prof Krishnaji and Dr. Prem Swarup studying microwave absorption in gases at moderate pressures which was published with appreciative references in contemporary research publications and advanced texts.

Books and Publications[edit]

Some of his published books include

  1. Microwave Devices and Circuit Designs; Srivastava, Ganesh Prasad; Gupta, Vijay Laxmi, Prentice-Hall of India, 2006 ISBN 81-203-2195-2
  2. Recent Advances in Microwaves; Cardiff Academic Press, 1994 ISBN 978-81-7319-000-1,
  3. Theoretical Modelling Of Semiconductor Surfaces: Microscopic Studies of Electrons and Phonons ; Srivastava G P; World Scientific, 1998 ISBN 978-9810233068
  4. The Physics of Phonons  ; Srivastava G P; Taylor & Francis, 1990 ISBN 978-0852741535
  5. Microwave technology and applications: Proceedings of the first Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, New Delhi, India; Srivastava G P; Nair PG; 1998 ISBN 978-0-07-460340-6
  6. Surface Meteorological Instruments and Measurement Practice;Srivastava G P; Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd, 2009, | ISBN 978-8126909681