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Gang colors are the types or color of clothing, or insignia that are worn by gang members to identify each other. Tattoos may also come under the category of gang colors.[1]

Street gangs wear many colors, for example the Sureños wear blue and grey,[2] and their rivals the Norteños wear red and black.[3] Zeffs wear black. Bloods wear red. Their rivals the Crips wear blue, the Bloods' allies the Latin Kings wear gold and black.[4] Latin King rivals Folks Nation also wears blue and black, and are allied with the Crips. Blood allies Pirus wear Burgundy, different sets also wear secondary colors some examples are, black, brown, dark grey and many also wear red to show their affiliation to bloods. Other gangs such as La Primera wear white as their main color. Their rivals, the Cholos wear all black.

List of gangs and their colors[edit]


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