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The Gangneung Science Oval (Korean: 강릉 사이언스 오발 경기장) will be a speed skating oval in South Korea, which will used for the speed skating competitions at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The building of the oval will start in September 2013 and it is due to be open in September 2016. The venue will consist of a two storeys, double track 400 m rink and will have a capacity of 8000 seats.[1] The original plan was to build the venue at the Gangeung Science Park, but because there was limited space due to the number of local businesses taking the opportunity to relocate, the oval will be build in the vicinity of the Gyeongpo Ice Hall and Union Hockey Centre.[2][3]

Construction of the facility was started on October 29, 2014. The speed skating rink is due to be delivered by January 2017 in time for a test event scheduled the following month.[4]


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