Ganja & Hess

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Ganja & Hess
Ganja & Hess.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Bill Gunn
Produced by Chiz Schultz
Written by Bill Gunn
Starring Marlene Clark
Duane Jones
Music by Sam Waymon
Cinematography James E. Hinton
Edited by Victory Kanefsky
Release dates April 20, 1973 (USA)
Running time 110 min.
78 min. (cut version)
Language English
Budget $350,000.

Ganja & Hess is a 1973 horror film directed by Bill Gunn and stars Marlene Clark and Duane Jones. The film follows the exploits of archaeologist Dr. Hess Green (Jones) who becomes a vampire after being stabbed by his intelligent, but unstable, assistant (Gunn) with an ancient cursed dagger. Green falls in love with his assistant's widow, Ganja (Clark), who learns Green's dark secret.

This film contains the only other lead role for Duane Jones, best known for starring in the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead (though he appeared in bit-parts in other movies). The film's extras included the postmodern novelist William Gaddis and his wife Judith Thompson.[1]

The film was screened at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.[2]


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The movie received positive reviews.[3][4][5][6][7]


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