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Gano Dunn
Born (1870-10-18)October 18, 1870
New York, NY
Died April 10, 1953(1953-04-10) (aged 82)
Institutions J. G. White Engineering Corporation[1]
Alma mater Columbia University
Notable awards IEEE Edison Medal (1937)[2]
Hoover Medal (1940)

Gano Dunn (October 18, 1870[3] – April 10, 1953 [4]) was President of Cooper Union, and an early President of the United States National Research Council.[5]

Dunn received the first degree in Electrical engineering granted by Columbia University. Dunn was president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers from 1911 to 1912. Gano Dunn served as treasurer and later Chairman of Trustees of the Simplified Spelling Board.[6]

While at Columbia University, Dunn's life was changed by assisting Nikola Tesla.

"Tesla solved the greatest problem in electrical engineering of his time. . . .
My contact as [Tesla’s] assistant at the historic Columbia University high frequency lecture afterward, has left an indelible impression and an inspiration which has influenced my life."[7]

Gano Dunn invented and patented many electronic and mechanical devices.


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Preceded by
President of Cooper Union
Succeeded by
Edwin S. Burdell