Garak guksu

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Garak guksu
Type Korean noodles
Place of origin Korea
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Garak guksu is a type of very thin noodle made in Korea, which is made from kneaded dough with salt water that is cooked in a boiling liquid.

The pure Korean word guksu presents a form of noodle. Garak means "long strains pulled from larger body."

The word garak also used in other Korean words such as son garak (finger) meaning "long strains (garak) from hand (son), and bal garak (foot) meaning "long strains (garak) from feet(bal).


  • Kimchi pot-boiled garak guksu (김치냄비가락국수)
  • Fresh ginseng cold garak guksu (수삼냉가락국수)
  • Buckwheat garak guksu (메밀가락국수)