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Garda Water Unit conducting counter-terrorism maritime operations with the ERU on the River Liffey, Dublin

The Garda Water Unit (Irish: Aonad Uisce an Gharda Síochána) is a unit of the Garda Síochána, the police service of Ireland. Formerly known as the Garda Sub-Aqua Unit, the name was changed to incorporate the services of the non-diving surfaced based marine section.

It is part of the Operational Support Unit which provides specialist support to Gardaí nationwide. The Operational Support Unit also includes the Dog Support, Mounted Support and Air Support units.

The Water Unit exists to assist the Garda Síochána in both diving and surface operations. Diving operations include searching for and recovery of missing persons and evidence, conducting security searches in water and in confined spaces e.g. sewers. The unit also conduct surface patrols which encompass maritime safety, maritime legislation enforcement and security patrols.

The approximate strength of the unit is three sergeants and fourteen officers,[citation needed] who cover the entire jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland. The unit operate out of Santry Garda Station, Dublin, and Athlone Garda Station, Westmeath.

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