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Garden City School District is the school district for Garden City, Michigan. In early 2010 It was decided to be reconfigurated into 4 schools, shutting Henry Ruff Elementary Down, to save money. This has been in effect since the 2010-2011 school year.

Secondary schools[edit]

Lathers Early Childhood and Kindergarten Center[edit]

Shaped like a capital E, it is the largest school in the district. It houses preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Memorial 1-2 Campus[edit]

Memorial houses first and second grades.

Douglas 3-4 Campus[edit]

Douglas houses third and fourth grades.

Farmington 5-6 Campus[edit]

Farmington houses fifth and sixth grades.

Special schools[edit]

Closed schools[edit]

  • Burger Middle School - Now an autism school.
  • Cambridge School - Now an adult and community education center.
  • East High School - Consolidated with West High School in 1982, and the current location of Garden City High School.
  • Maplewood Elementary School - Now a community center.
  • Marquette Elementary School - This building has been razed.
  • Radcliff Middle School - Now a satellite campus for Schoolcraft College.
  • Vogel Middle School - This building has been razed.
  • West High School - Consolidated with East High School in 1982, and the current location of Garden City Middle School.
  • Henry Ruff Elementary- Since 2010. The building was used for educational purposes similar to Cambridge and hosted small events in the Garden City Community. It is now the new site for Burger East
  • Dillon School


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