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A collection of various garden tools.
Some Pruning tools that can be used to maintain a garden.

A garden tool is any one of many tools made for gardens and gardening and overlaps with the range of tools made for agriculture and horticulture. Garden tools can also be hand tools and power tools.

The hand tools still used by gardeners originated with the earliest agricultural implements used by man:[citation needed]

The earliest tools were made of wood, flint, metal, tin, and bone.

The development of metal working, first in copper and later in iron and steel, enabled the manufacture of more durable tools. Industrial metalworking enabled the manufacture of cutting tools, including

The first power tool to become popular with gardeners was the lawn mower. This has been followed by a very wide range of power tools, including

In most third world countries they use a machete as a garden tool.

Environmental impact[edit]

The exhaust fumes from gas-powered equipment is a significant source of air pollution.[1] US emission standards specifically limit emissions from these small engines.

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