Gare d'Agen

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Gare d Agen.jpg
The station from the parking
Station statistics
Address Agen, Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine
Line(s) Bordeaux–Sète railway,
Niversac-Agen railway,
Agen-Auch railway
Platforms 5
Tracks 16
Other information
Opened 1856

Agen is a railway station in Agen, Aquitaine, France. The station was opened in 1856 and is located on the Bordeaux–Sète railway, Niversac-Agen railway and Agen-Auch railway, which is used for freight. The station is served by TGV (high speed), Intercités (long distance, also night trains) and TER (local) services operated by SNCF.

Train services[edit]

The following services currently call at Agen:

  • high speed services (TGV) Paris - Tours - Bordeaux - Toulouse
  • high speed services (TGV) Bordeaux - Toulouse - Montpellier - Lyon - Dijon
  • high speed services (TGV) Lille - Aéroport CDG - Tours - Bordeaux - Toulouse
  • intercity services (Intercités) Bordeaux - Toulouse - Montpellier - Marseille
  • intercity services (Intercités) Nantes - La Rochelle - Bordeaux - Toulouse
  • night services (Intercités) Hendaye - Bayonne - Bordeaux - Toulouse - Marseille - Nice
  • local service (TER Aquitaine) Bordeaux - Langon - Marmande - Agen
  • local service (TER Aquitaine) Périgueux - Le Buisson - Monsempron-Libos - Agen
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Agen - Montauban - Toulouse
Preceding station   SNCF   Following station
toward Toulouse
toward Lille-Europe
toward Toulouse
toward Dijon
toward Nantes
toward Toulouse
toward Hendaye
night trains
toward Nice-Ville
TER Aquitaine 47 Terminus
toward Périgueux
TER Aquitaine 48 Terminus
Terminus TER Midi-Pyrénées 16
toward Toulouse


Coordinates: 44°12′30″N 0°37′15″E / 44.20833°N 0.62083°E / 44.20833; 0.62083