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La gare d'Amiens en 2009.JPG
Location Amiens, Somme, Picardy
Coordinates 49°53′26″N 2°18′30″E / 49.89056°N 2.30833°E / 49.89056; 2.30833Coordinates: 49°53′26″N 2°18′30″E / 49.89056°N 2.30833°E / 49.89056; 2.30833
Line(s) Longueau–Boulogne railway
Opened 15 March 1847

Gare d'Amiens (formerly Gare du Nord) is the main station for the Northern French city of Amiens.

The station opened on 15 March 1847 when the line to Abbeville opened to passengers. The station building was subsequently replaced by the present structure following the allied bombardment and was built in 1955 by Auguste Perret. A tower called the Tour Perret was built at the same time and close to the station.

It is both a terminus and a through station, the passenger concourse was built over the six platforms to facilitate passenger movement. Although the station front was built between adjoining buildings the hall is as big as its Parisian counterparts.


The station is served by the local TER Haute-Normandie, TER Nord-Pas-de-Calais and TER Picardie services to destinations including: Rouen, Calais, Lille, Reims, Compiègne and Paris-Nord. The station also sees Intercity services between Boulogne and Paris. The station is not yet served by the TGV, but there is currently a bus service between Amiens and Haute-Picardie TGV station.,

Preceding station   SNCF   Following station
toward Paris-Nord
Terminus TER Picardie 1
TER Picardie 2
TER Picardie 4
toward Reims
TER Picardie 11
TER Picardie 16
toward Compiègne
TER Picardie 22
toward Paris-Nord
TER Picardie 24
toward Calais-Ville


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