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Gareth Edwards
Gareth Edwards by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Edwards in 2013.
Born 1975 (age 38–39)
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, UK
Nationality British
Occupation Director
Years active 2007-present

Gareth Edwards (born 1975) is a British film director. He is best known for Monsters, an independent film for which he acted as writer, director, cinematographer, and visual effects artist.[1][2] He is currently directing the upcoming Godzilla reboot from Legendary Pictures.


Born in 1975 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Since childhood he wanted to work in cinema to direct his own films, stating that "Star Wars is definitely the reason that I wanted to become a film-maker".[3]

He cut his teeth in the world of special effects; creating digital effects for prestigious shows such as Heroes and Villains (2008), a series for which he made 250 visual effects which won international recognition.[citation needed] In 2008 he entered Sci-Fi-London, a 48 hour film challenge, where a movie had to be created start-to-finish in just two days, within certain criteria. Edwards won the contest and went on to write and direct Monsters, his first feature. Edwards personally created the special effects for Monsters using off the shelf equipment. Besides the two main actors, the crew consisted of just five people.[4]

The success of Monsters brought enough awareness in Hollywood to land Gareth Edwards a few major projects. After the release of Monsters, Edwards did interviews in Hollywood with several studios, including Legendary Pictures.[5] In January 2011, Edwards landed his first major Hollywood feature as the director for the upcoming Godzilla reboot from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.[6]


Feature films[edit]



Short films[edit]

  • Factory Farmed (2008) (writer, director, cinematography, editing)


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