Garfield's Nightmare

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Garfield's Nightmare
Garfield's Nightmare.jpg
Developer(s) Shin'en Multimedia
Publisher(s) Game Factory
Producer(s) Thomas Holdorf
Designer(s) Peter Weiss
Programmer(s) Manfred Linzner, Bernhard Wodok
Composer(s) Matthias Gilch[1]
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance
Release date(s)
  • EU March 9, 2007
  • NA June 28, 2007
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single player

Garfield's Nightmare is a Nintendo DS (First released for GBA) video game[1] based on the popular cartoon strip Garfield. The game follows Garfield travelling through 16 levels trying to escape this nightmare, by dodging enemies and negotiating complex terrain. The 16 levels are divided into sections of 4, with each section having its own theme and a boss battle at the end.[2]


Garfield comes up with the idea to combine breakfast, lunch and dinner to have more time for his other activities. He crams a couple of pizzas, some lasagnas and two bags of jelly donuts into one big sandwich. However, this proves to be too much, and he slowly falls asleep and his nightmare begins.

Garfield suddenly wakes up in a haunted castle – this is not the real world but a strange dream world populated by the monsters of Garfield's sub-conscious. Unfortunately Garfield smashed his alarm clock in the real world and now his only chance at waking up soon depends on his ability to find the shattered pieces and put them back together.


Garfield's Nightmare is a traditional 3D platform-puzzle game. The game does not make heavy use of the touch screen features of the Nintendo DS, instead uses it to display game statistics. Each level has a bonus door, leading to a bonus game to collect extra lives, as well as a secret area in each level which contains an extra life.

Each level will lead Garfield to engage in a final battle that will transform his nightmare into a dream. Bosses need to be terminated during these timeless fights, gradually enhancing the difficulty level.

Amusement park ride[edit]

A ride that shares the game's name was created for Kennywood Park in 2004. The boat ride was originally called "The Old Mill", but was rebranded with a Garfield theme.[3]


  1. Haunted Castle: Level 1
  2. Haunted Castle: level 2
  3. Haunted Castle: level 3
  4. Haunted Castle: level 4
  5. Haunted Castle Boss: Warren Batty FIGHT
  6. Lava World: Level 1
  7. Lava World: Level 2
  8. Lava World: Level 3
  9. Lava World: Level 4
  10. Lava World Boss: Patrick Sweaty FIGHT
  11. Cloudy Realm: Level 1
  12. Cloudy Realm: Level 2
  13. Cloudy Realm: Level 3
  14. Cloudy Realm: Level 4
  15. Cloudy Realm Boss: Jean Cloud FIGHT
  16. Winter Wonderland: Level 1
  17. Winter Wonderland: Level 2
  18. Winter Wonderland: Level 3
  19. Winter Wonderland: Level 4
  20. Winter Wonderland Final Boss: Franz Coughka



  • Warren Batty: An enchanted fruit bat, who will vanish in defeat after being jumped on too many times.
  • Patrick Sweaty: A giant dragon, who sinks into the lava due to being bounced on too much.
  • Jean Cloud: A balloon animal that came alive years ago, and must be jumped on three times to be sent flying.
  • Franz Coughka: A snowman who will disintegrate after being jumped on a lot.


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