Garibaldi FS (Milan Metro)

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Logo Metropolitane Italia.svg Garibaldi FS
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Station statistics
Address Milan
Coordinates 45°29′00″N 9°11′16″E / 45.48333°N 9.18778°E / 45.48333; 9.18778Coordinates: 45°29′00″N 9°11′16″E / 45.48333°N 9.18778°E / 45.48333; 9.18778
Connections Porta Garibaldi railway station
Structure type Underground
Other information
Opened 1971
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Owned by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi
Fare zone Urban
Preceding station   Milan Metro   Following station
Line 2
toward Bignami
Line 5 Terminus
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Garibaldi FS is a station of Milan Metro Line 2, Milan Metro Line 5 and Milan Passante railway. Since 2014 it will be also the southern terminus of Milan Metro Line 5. The Metro station was opened in 1971, and served as the western terminus until 1978, when the first trains could travel the new route to Cadorna. The Passante station was opened in 1997.

The station is located in Don Luigi Sturzo Street, near Sigmund Freud Square, within the territory of the municipality of Milan. This is an underground station. It is located under Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station.

Garibaldi is the only underground station in Milan, along with Cascina Gobba, to have four tracks: the two stations are used for normal links to the trains, while the other two, located outside the docks waiting, are not used, one of them being partially removed.

This peculiarity is due to the never built project of expeditious lines of Brianza, a group of light rail lines that were supposed to replace the trams trunk of Brianza, reaching two of the four tracks at the station of Garibaldi, allowing a good exchange.


The station has:

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