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Garie Blackwell is a painter and illustrator from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.[1][2]

She initially studied to be an art director for a Los Angeles advertising agency. On the insistence of others at her talents, she located an agent upon relocating to New York, and quit her job as an art director to focus on becoming a full-time illustrator. Her first commercial illustration was for Seventeen (magazine).[1] Paper Pursuits and High Valley Books also mention Garie's contributions in Seventeen issues January 1969 and March 1971.

She worked in animatics, but also produced work for calendars, magazines, and a series of floral collector plates. Her client list included Avon, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, Clairol, Time-Life Music, Hasbro, McCalls, Reader's Digest, Playboy, and Revlon. She has also worked as a draftsman in an architect's office.[1][3]


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