Garissa Massacre

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The Garissa Massacre was a 1980 massacre of ethnic Somali residents by the Kenyan government in the Garissa District of the North Eastern Province, Kenya. The incident occurred when government forces, acting on the premise of flushing out a local gangster known as Abdi Madobe, set fire to a residential estate called Bulla Kartasi, killing people and raping women. They then forcefully interned the populace in a primary school for three days without food or water, resulting in over 3000 deaths. The Somali government, then led by Siad Barre, intervened by threatening that if such brutalities don't come to an end, then the Somali Forces will overthrow the Nairobi regime and occupy the country. The Kenyan government therefore uplifted the curfew and set the people free. [1]


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