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Revised Romanization Garosu gil
McCune–Reischauer Karosu kil

Garosu-gil is an area in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The name Garosu-gil is from the Korean word which means tree-lined streets, as the area is adorned with ginkgo trees. The area is known for its galleries, restaurants, bars, cafes, as well as clothing boutiques and art design bookshops; unlike neighbouring Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong-dong with their high-end luxury stores.[1]

Along with 'Cheongdam’s Fashion Street' in Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong Rodeo Street in Apgujeong-dong, which are connected by the main Apgujeong-ro, they are seen as fashionable and trendsetting destinations.[2][3]


In the 1980s art galleries started to move into the area, such as Gallery Yeh. After that, many cultural facilities were formed in this region, and these have been the foundation of Garosu-gil.[4] In the 1990s, many young artists started to gather in this area. Many fashion designers also launched their own brand, so it became known as "Designer Street." Many small shops and restaurant also started to move into Garosugil. These days, many people visit this place and as it is famous as “Designer Street,” many other international clothing brands shops are now also located here.[5] Based on this history, Garosu-gil presents a fascinating dichotomy of the old and new.[6]

Garosu-gil is about 670m in length, with a width of 15m--which is less than a kilometer, but is still considered one of the main areas of Gangnam.[6] The street official address is Dosan-daero buk 5-gil. Near this area there is Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong-dong. If you follow the street headed to Hyundai High School it is near to Jamwon section of the vast Han River park so it is good to take a walk to see Han River.[7]


Sweet red-bean porridge fondue

Garosugil’s has cozy restaurants, cafés and stores. Especially there are some cafés that serve good desserts, and there are some famous fusion style Korean desserts. For example, there is sweet red-bean porridge fondue, and ice flakes with syrup. These places offer some fusion style desserts so it is a good chance for people to try Korean and Eastern style food together. Also, there are famous brunch restaurants, Korean food restaurants and bars in Garosugil. Some Garosugil bars have live music so if you prefer to listen to live music then visiting Garosugil is a good choice. It is a good place to spend time with people that there are galleries which you can enjoy art and for fashion there are boutiques. After spending time in these places you can join foods and drinks in this cozy area. In Garosugil many companies held pop-up store so there are some events that people can enjoy. There are Latin dance club in Garosugil so many people think this area is exotic road too.