Garra Blanca

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View of the Garra Blanca in the Estadio Monumental.
Garra Blanca receiving Colo-Colo in the Estadio Monumental.

Garra Blanca (literally white claw, but in this sense "garra" means force, so the translation is white force) is the title given to a Barra brava that was created in Chile by the supporters of Santiago based football club Colo-Colo. It is one of the three largest and most important barras bravas in the country, the other beings Universidad de Chile's Los de Abajo (those from below)and [(Club Deportivo Universidad Católica|S.C.Universidad Catolica)] "Los Cruzados" ("The Cruzaders").


In early 1986 a youth movement gave rise among the various supporters of Colo-Colo. Amid political repression during the military regime of Augusto Pinochet, marginalized members of Chilean society decided to unite and form a voice of identity.[1][2] Over the years the group has been associated with widescale violence. Fighting with security personnel, the Chilean national police, and other team barra bravas is a common occurrence. Garra Blanca leaders are reported to have an unofficial relationship with Blanco y Negro, the corporate entity that is in charge of Colo-Colo. The board of directors deny such an alliance and have only stated that the barra brava is recognized for stadium safety reasons.[3]