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Garth DeFelice was a National Football League (NFL) umpire since the 1998 NFL season, wearing uniform number 53, who served in crews headed by Clete Blakeman from 2010-2013. [1] He has also worked under Mike Carey and Bill Leavy, under whom he officiated Super Bowl XL. On May 4, 2014, it was announced that DeFelice would not return to the field for the 2014 Season as he will become of the regional supervisors for the officiating office.


In 2010, DeFelice was involved in a controversy in a game between San Francisco and the San Diego Chargers. After a play, 49ers defensive lineman Justin Smith and Chargers tight end Kris Wilson were fighting. When DeFelice went in an attempt to break it up, Smith pushed DeFelice out of the way and was ejected per NFL rules regarding contact with an official.[2][3]


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