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St. Matthew's Primary School, Garvaghy.
Not to be confused with Garvagh.

Coordinates: 54°29′20″N 7°08′06″W / 54.489°N 7.135°W / 54.489; -7.135 Garvaghey or Garvaghy (pronounced /ɡɑrˈvɑːhi/ gar-VAH-hee,[citation needed] from Irish: Garbhachadh, meaning "rough field")[1][2] is a townland and hamlet in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is between Ballygawley (about 5 miles to the southeast) and Omagh (about 11 miles to the northwest). It has a primary school called St Matthew's, a pub called Kelly's Inn, a shop and a Catholic chapel also called St Matthew's.

The Poet John Montague was born in New York (28 February 1929) and was brought up in Garvaghey.


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