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Garveyism is an aspect of Black Nationalism which refers to the social, economic and political policies of UNIA-ACL founder Marcus Garvey.[1] At the movement's most popular, followers of Garveyism, known as "Garveyites", numbered in the millions, with almost a thousand local divisions in the United States, the Caribbean, Central America, Canada and Africa. The ideology of Garveyism centers on the unification and empowerment of African American men, women and children under the banner of their collective African descent, and the repatriation of African slave descendants and profits to the African continent. Garvey established this field of thought in response to the marginalization and discrimination of African Americans in the United States and the Caribbean with the hopes of inspiring black Americans to proactively establish infrastructure, institutions and local economies rather than expecting such from the heavily prejudiced post-reconstruction American government.


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