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Gary Adams
Born Gary Vale Adams
(1943-07-24)July 24, 1943z
Died January 2, 2000(2000-01-02) (aged 56)[1]
Carlsbad, California, U.S.
Cause of death
Nationality American
Occupation Founder TaylorMade-Adidas, Founder McHenry Metals, Founder Founders Club

Gary Adams was a notable salesman, founder of TaylorMade Golf, Founders Club, McHenry Metals, and nominal inventor of the modern "metal wood."

After leaving college, he started working as a golf salesman. He observed new golf balls worked well with irons, but not wood clubs, so he started tinkering to create a metal driver.[2] In 1979, Gary Adams borrowed $24,000 on his house and leased a 6,000 square foot building in McHenry, Illinois to found TaylorMade Golf. He originally had three employees and sold only one item, his newly invented 12-degree loft metalwood.[3]

He was awarded the National Golf Association man of the year in 1984. He was awarded the PGA Ernie Sabayrac award in 1995 for his contribution to golf.[4]


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