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Gary Con
Genre Gaming
Venue Geneva Ridge Resort
Location(s) Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Country United States
Organized by Luke Gygax

Gary Con is a gaming convention held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin every year to celebrate the contributions of Gary Gygax to the gaming industry and to the local community, where Gygax was raised, and where the company he founded, TSR, Inc. created and produced the Dungeons & Dragons game for 25 years.[1][2] The event to be held March 27-30, 2014 will be the sixth Gary Con.[3]


When Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax died in 2008, role playing gamers from around the world joined to honor Gygax's life with a virtual convention, held at locations around the world.[4] Gygax's friends and family held an impromptu game event at Lake Geneva's American Legion Hall following his funeral on March 8, 2008, now known as "GaryCon 0".[2][5] By 2009, son Luke Gygax had established the first official GaryCon, still at the Legion Hall. "GaryCon I", held March 7, 2009, was attended by a number of gaming industry icons: Frank Mentzer, Tom Wham, Steve Chenault, and Jim Ward.[2]

By 2010, the Legion Hall no longer had the capacity to host the growing event and its participants. As a result, the event was moved to a local lodge west of the town where it has been held ever since.[2] Convention organizer Luke Gygax told a local paper Gary Con was "...meant to be a more intimate event, reminiscent of the formative years of the gaming industry".[6]


The focus of Gary Con is "Old School Renaissance", with games written during Gygax's ownership of TSR getting the most attention.[1][7] Often the games are run by designers who originally created the game: Metamorphosis Alpha run by Jim Ward, Fight in the Skies run by Mike Carr, and Tom Wham's boardgames.[5][7]


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