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Gary Cooper in High Noon (1952), the film that brought him his second Academy Award

The Gary Cooper filmography chronicles the film appearances of American actor Gary Cooper. After starting his career in 1925 as a film extra and stuntman, Cooper made his official cinematic debut in 1926 in the Samuel Goldwyn production The Winning of Barbara Worth.[1][2] He went on to become a contract player with Paramount Pictures where he established himself as a popular leading man prior to the end of the silent era.

Cooper's future in the sound era was assured with the release of The Virginian (1929), his first all-talkie film.[3] For the next 32 years, he would be one of cinema's top money-making stars. From 1936 to 1957, Cooper ranked 18 times among the top ten box office attractions—a record when he died in 1961, and later surpassed only by John Wayne, who ranked among the top ten 25 times, Clint Eastwood (21 times) and Tom Cruise (20 times).[4]

Cooper was nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award five times and won twice, for Sergeant York (1942) and High Noon (1952).[5] The latter film boosted his popularity, resulting in him being the number one box office attraction in 1953.[4] Cooper received a third Academy Award—an honorary one—just prior to his death in 1961.[5] His final film, The Naked Edge, was released shortly after his death.[6][7]

As of February 2008, more than half of Gary Cooper's feature films are available on DVD,[8] while others not yet on home video are available for television broadcast. Unfortunately, at least two of his silent films—Beau Sabreur (1928)[9] and The Legion of the Condemned (1928),[10]—are now considered lost films. Another of his silent films, Wolf Song (1929), was originally released as a part talkie, but survives only as a silent film.[11] One of Cooper's earliest talkies, Paramount on Parade (1930), survives incomplete. The prints that are available for television are missing all but one of the film's Technicolor scenes—a partial restoration of these scenes was done by the UCLA Film Archives.[12]

This filmography contains sections for Cooper's work as an extra in the earliest part of his film career, his feature film appearances, his occasional appearances in short films, and a section for a compilation film. Due to its length (92 films), the listing of his feature films is divided in four sections. Cooper's film roles are listed, as well as the names of each film's director and co-stars. Cooper's awards and nominations are also listed. Except where noted, all of his films were shot in 35mm black and white. All films released prior to Lilac Time (1928) are silent films and all from The Virginian (1929) onward are sound films. The films made during the silent-to-sound transition are noted as being either silent or sound films. As an addendum, Cooper's handful of television appearances are also listed.


As a film extra, 1925–1926[edit]

Gary Cooper began his career in films in unbilled film extra roles and bit parts. This is a list of the films that he is known to have appeared in.[13][14][Note 1]

Year Title Role Director Stars Notes
1925 Dick Turpin Extra in the crowd John G. Blystone Tom Mix
Alan Hale
The Trail Rider Rider W. S. Van Dyke Buck Jones
Carl Stockdale
The Thundering Herd Bit part William K. Howard Jack Holt
Lois Wilson
Noah Beery
Riders of the Purple Sage Rider Lynn Reynolds Tom Mix
Mabel Ballin
Warner Oland
Drug Store Cowboy Cowboy Parke Frame Franklyn Farnum
Robert D. Walker
Jean Arthur
Wild Horse Mesa Cowboy George B. Seitz Jack Holt
Noah Beery, Sr.
Billie Dove
The Lucky Horseshoe Extra John G. Blystone Tom Mix
Billie Dove
Ann Pennington
The Vanishing American Extra George B. Seitz Richard Dix
Lois Wilson
Noah Beery
The Eagle Masked Cossack Clarence Brown Rudolph Valentino
Vilma Bánky
Tricks Bit part Bruce M. Mitchell Marilyn Mills
J. Frank Glendon
Gladys Moore
Warrior Gap Bit part Alan James Ben F. Wilson
Neva Gerber
Robert D. Walker
North Star Bit part Paul Powell Virginia Lee Corbin
Stuart Holmes
Ken Maynard
Ben-Hur Roman guard Fred Niblo Ramón Novarro
Francis X. Bushman
May McAvoy
1926 Three Pals Bit part Wilbur McGaugh
Bruce M. Mitchell
Marilyn Mills
Josef Swickard
William H. Turner
The Enchanted Hill Bit part Irvin Willat Jack Holt
Florence Vidor
Noah Beery
The Johnstown Flood Flood survivor Irving Cummings George O'Brien
Florence Gilbert
Janet Gaynor
A Six Shootin' Romance Extra Alan James
Clifford Smith
Jack Hoxie
Olive Hasbrouck
William Steele
Watch Your Wife Bit part Sven Gade Virginia Valli
Thundering Speed Bit part Alan James Eileen Sedgwick
Old Ironsides Bit part James Cruze Charles Farrell
Esther Ralston

Feature films, 1926–1930[edit]

Year Title Role Director Co-stars Notes
1926 The Winning of Barbara Worth Abe Lee Henry King Ronald Colman
Vilma Bánky
1927 It Newspaper Reporter Clarence Badger Clara Bow
Antonio Moreno
Children of Divorce Edward D. "Ted" Larrabee Frank Lloyd Clara Bow
Esther Ralston
Arizona Bound Dave Saulter John Waters Betty Jewel
Wings Cadet White William A. Wellman Clara Bow
Buddy Rogers
Richard Arlen
Magnascope sequences
Nevada "Nevada" John Waters Thelma Todd
The Last Outlaw Sheriff Buddy Hale John Waters Betty Jewel
1928 Beau Sabreur Major Henri de Beaujolais John Waters Evelyn Brent
Noah Beery
William Powell
The Legion of the Condemned Gale Price William A. Wellman Fay Wray Lost film
Doomsday Arnold Furze Rowland V. Lee Florence Vidor
Half a Bride Captain Edmunds Gregory La Cava Esther Ralston
Lilac Time Captain Philip Blythe George Fitzmaurice Colleen Moore Silent film with synchronized music and sound effects[16]
The First Kiss Mulligan Talbot Rowland V. Lee Fay Wray Silent film
The Shopworn Angel William Tyler Richard Wallace Nancy Carroll Silent film with talking sequences, synchronized music, and sound effects[17]
1929 The Wolf Song Sam Lash Victor Fleming Lupe Vélez Silent film with talking sequences, synchronized music, and sound effects
Betrayal Andre Frey Lewis Milestone Emil Jannings
Esther Ralston
Silent film with talking sequences, synchronized music, and sound effects[18]
The Virginian The Virginian Victor Fleming Mary Brian
Richard Arlen
Walter Huston
1930 Only the Brave Captain James Braydon Frank Tuttle Mary Brian
Paramount on Parade Hunter (Dream Girl) Multiple* Mary Brian
Fay Wray
Part Technicolor
The Texan Enrique, aka "Quico", The Llano Kid John Cromwell Fay Wray
Seven Days' Leave Kenneth Downey Richard Wallace Beryl Mercer
A Man from Wyoming Jim Baker Rowland V. Lee June Collyer
The Spoilers Roy Glenister Edward Carewe Kay Johnson
Morocco Légionnaire Tom Brown Josef von Sternberg Marlene Dietrich

^ *Directors included Dorothy Arzner, Otto Brower, Edmund Goulding, Victor Heerman, Edwin H. Knopf, Rowland V. Lee, Ernst Lubitsch, Lothar Mendes, Victor Schertzinger, A. Edward Sutherland, and Frank Tuttle

Feature films, 1931–1940[edit]

Year Title Role Director Co-stars Notes
1931 Fighting Caravans Clint Belmet Otto Brower
David Burton
Lili Damita
City Streets The Kid Rouben Mamoulian Sylvia Sidney
I Take This Woman Tom McNair Marion Gering Carole Lombard
His Woman Captain Sam Whalan Edward Sloman Claudette Colbert
1932 Make Me a Star Himself
(unbilled cameo)
William Beaudine Stuart Erwin
Joan Blondell
Devil and the Deep Lieutenant Sempter Marion Gering Tallulah Bankhead
Charles Laughton
Cary Grant
If I Had a Million Steve Gallagher Multiple** Jack Oakie
A Farewell to Arms Lieutenant Frederic Henry Frank Borzage Helen Hayes
Adolphe Menjou
1933 Today We Live Bogard Howard Hawks Joan Crawford
One Sunday Afternoon Dr. Lucius Griffith "Biff" Grimes Stephen Roberts Fay Wray
Design for Living George Curtis Ernst Lubitsch Fredric March
Miriam Hopkins
Alice in Wonderland The White Knight Norman McLeod Charlotte Henry
1934 Operator 13 Capt. Jack Gailliard Richard Boleslavsky Marion Davies
Now and Forever Jerry Day Henry Hathaway Carole Lombard
Shirley Temple
1935 The Wedding Night Anthony "Tony" Barrett King Vidor Anna Sten
Ralph Bellamy
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer Lieutenant Alan McGregor Henry Hathaway Franchot Tone
Richard Cromwell
C. Aubrey Smith
Peter Ibbetson Peter Ibbetson Henry Hathaway Ann Harding
John Halliday
Ida Lupino
1936 Desire Tom Bradley Frank Borzage Marlene Dietrich
John Halliday
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Longfellow Deeds Frank Capra Jean Arthur
George Bancroft
Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor
Nominated — New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Hollywood Boulevard Man at Bar
(unbilled cameo)
Robert Florey John Halliday
The General Died at Dawn O'Hara Lewis Milestone Madeleine Carroll
Akim Tamiroff
The Plainsman Wild Bill Hickok Cecil B. DeMille Jean Arthur
Anthony Quinn
1937 Souls at Sea Michael "Nuggin" Taylor Henry Hathaway Frances Dee
George Raft
1938 The Adventures of Marco Polo Marco Polo Archie Mayo Sigrid Gurie
Basil Rathbone
Binnie Barnes
Alan Hale
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife Michael Brandon Ernst Lubitsch Claudette Colbert
Edward Everett Horton
The Cowboy and the Lady Stretch Willoughby H.C. Potter Merle Oberon
Walter Brennan
Patsy Kelly
1939 Beau Geste Michael "Beau" Geste William A. Wellman Ray Milland
Brian Donlevy
Robert Preston
Susan Hayward
The Real Glory Dr. Bill Canavan Henry Hathaway David Niven
Andrea Leeds
Broderick Crawford
1940 The Westerner Cole Harden William Wyler Walter Brennan
Doris Davenport
Forrest Tucker
North West Mounted Police Dusty Rivers Cecil B. DeMille Madeleine Carroll
Preston Foster
Paulette Goddard
Robert Preston

^ **Directed by James Cruze, H. Bruce Humberstone, Ernst Lubitsch, Norman Z. McLeod (who did the sequence with Cooper), Stephen Roberts, William A. Seiter, Norman Taurog, and Lothar Mendes

Feature films, 1941–1950[edit]

Year Title Role Director Co-stars Notes
1941 Meet John Doe Long John Willoughby ("John Doe") Frank Capra Barbara Stanwyck
Edward Arnold
Walter Brennan
British title: John Doe, Dynamite
Sergeant York Alvin C. York Howard Hawks Joan Leslie
Walter Brennan
Academy Award for Best Actor
New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Ball of Fire Prof. Bertram Potts Howard Hawks Barbara Stanwyck
Dana Andrews
1942 The Pride of the Yankees Lou Gehrig Sam Wood Teresa Wright
Walter Brennan
Babe Ruth
Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor
1943 For Whom the Bell Tolls Robert Jordan Sam Wood Ingrid Bergman
Akim Tamiroff
Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor
1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell Dr. Corydon M. Wassell Cecil B. DeMille Laraine Day
Signe Hasso
Dennis O'Keefe
Casanova Brown Casanova "Cass" Brown Sam Wood Teresa Wright
Frank Morgan
1945 Along Came Jones Melody Jones Stuart Heisler Loretta Young
William Demerest
Saratoga Trunk Colonel Clint Maroon Sam Wood Ingrid Bergman
1946 Cloak and Dagger Prof. Alvah Jesper Fritz Lang Lilli Palmer
Robert Alda
1947 Unconquered Capt. Christopher Holden Cecil B. DeMille Paulette Goddard
Howard Da Silva
Boris Karloff
Variety Girl Himself George Marshall Mary Hatcher
Olga San Juan
Technicolor sequence
1948 Good Sam Samuel R. "Sam" Clayton Leo McCarey Ann Sheridan
1949 The Fountainhead Howard Roark King Vidor Patricia Neal
Raymond Massey
It's a Great Feeling Himself
(unbilled cameo)
David Butler Dennis Morgan
Doris Day
Jack Carson
Task Force Jonathan L. Scott Delmer Daves Jane Wyatt
Walter Brennan
Julie London
Technicolor sequence
1950 Bright Leaf Brant Royle Michael Curtiz Patricia Neal
Lauren Bacall
Dallas Blayde Hollister Stuart Heisler Ruth Roman
Raymond Massey

Feature films, 1951–1961[edit]

Year Title Role Director Co-stars Notes
1951 You're in the Navy Now
(Original title: U.S.S. Teakettle)
Lt. John W. Harkness Henry Hathaway Jane Greer
Eddie Albert
Starlift Himself
(unbilled cameo)
Roy Del Ruth Doris Day
Gordon MacRae
Virginia Mayo
It's a Big Country "Texas" Multiple***
Distant Drums Capt. Quincy Wyatt Raoul Walsh Mari Aldon, Arthur Hunnicutt Technicolor
1952 High Noon Marshal Will Kane Fred Zinneman Grace Kelly
Thomas Mitchell
Lloyd Bridges
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Academy Award for Best Actor
Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama
Photoplay Award for Most Popular Male Star
Springfield Rifle Maj. Alex "Lex" Kearney Andre De Toth Phyllis Thaxter
Paul Kelly
1953 Return to Paradise Mr. Morgan Mark Robson Roberta Haynes Technicolor
Blowing Wild Jeff Dawson Hugo Fregonese Barbara Stanwyck
Ruth Roman
Anthony Quinn
1954 Garden of Evil Hooker Henry Hathaway Susan Hayward
Richard Widmark
Vera Cruz Benjamin Trane Robert Aldrich Burt Lancaster
Denise Darcel
Cesar Romero
Ernest Borgnine
Sara Montiel
1955 The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell
(British title: One Man Mutiny)
Col. Billy Mitchell Otto Preminger Charles Bickford
Ralph Bellamy
Rod Steiger
Elizabeth Montgomery
1956 Friendly Persuasion Jess Birdwell William Wyler Dorothy McGuire
Marjorie Main
Anthony Perkins
Nominated – Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actor - Drama
1957 Love in the Afternoon Frank Flannagan Billy Wilder Audrey Hepburn
Maurice Chevalier
1958 Ten North Frederick Joseph B. "Joe" Chapin Philip Dunne Diane Varsi
Suzy Parker
Man of the West Link Jones Anthony Mann Julie London
Lee J. Cobb
Arthur O'Connell
Jack Lord
Deluxe color
1959 The Hanging Tree Dr. Joseph "Doc" Frail Delmer Daves Maria Schell
George C. Scott
Karl Malden
Alias Jesse James Cowboy
(unbilled cameo)
Norman McLeod Bob Hope
Rhonda Fleming
Wendell Corey
Deluxe color
They Came to Cordura Maj. Thomas Thorn Robert Rossen Rita Hayworth
Van Heflin
Tab Hunter
Dick York
Laurel Award (Golden Laurel) – Top Action Performance
The Wreck of the Mary Deare Gideon Patch Michael Anderson Charlton Heston
Virginia McKenna
Michael Redgrave
Richard Harris
1961 The Naked Edge George Radcliffe Michael Anderson Deborah Kerr
Eric Portman

^ ***Directed by Clarence Brown (who did the sequence with Cooper), Don Hartman, John Sturges, Richard Thorpe, Charles Vidor, Don Weis, and William A. Wellman

Short films[edit]

Year Title Role
1925 Tricks Bit part
1926 Three Pals Bit part
Lightnin' Wins Master of "Lightnin', the Super Dog"
1932 The Slippery Pearls Himself
The Voice of Hollywood No. 13 (Second Series) Himself
Hollywood on Parade Himself
Hollywood on Parade No. A-2 Himself
1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-12 Himself
Hollywood on Parade No. B-5 Himself
1934 Hollywood on Parade No. B-6 Himself
The Hollywood Gad-About Himself
Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove
1935 Screen Snapshots Series 14, No. 8 Himself
Paramount Headliner: Broadway Highlights No. 1 Himself
La Fiesta de Santa Barbara
1937 Lest We Forget Himself
(talking about Will Rogers)
1940 Screen Snapshots: Seeing Hollywood Himself (Rodeo Spectator)
Screen Snapshots Series 19, No 6: Hollywood Recreations Himself
1941 Breakdowns of 1941 Himself
1942 Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 3 Himself
1944 Memo for Joe Himself
1949 Screen Snapshots: Motion Picture Mothers, Inc. Himself
Snow Carnival
1954 Boum sur Paris Himself/En personne
1955 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Premiere Himself
Hollywood Mothers Himself
1958 Glamorous Hollywood Himself
1959 Premier Khrushchev in the USA Himself

Compilation film[edit]

Year Title Notes
1939 Land of Liberty A compilation showing history (mainly American) through clips of Hollywood movies, including three that starred Cooper: Operator 13, The Plainsman, and The Adventures of Marco Polo.

Box Office Ranking[edit]

United States film exhibitors voted Cooper among the most popular stars in the country:

  • 1950 – 11th
  • 1951 – 8th
  • 1952 – 2nd
  • 1953 – 1st
  • 1954 – 3rd
  • 1955 – 5th
  • 1957 – 6th
  • 1958 – 18th
  • 1959 – 13th
  • 1960 – 25th


Date Title Role Notes
February 1, 1953 Toast of the Town Himself
December 25, 1955 Toast of the Town Himself
December 9, 1956 Cinépanorama Himself
July 7, 1957 Toast of the Town Himself
January 1, 1958 Wide Wide World Himself Episode: "The Western"
September 21, 1958 The Jack Benny Program Himself Episode: "The Gary Cooper Show"
February 27, 1959 The Perry Como Show Himself
October 18, 1959 What's My Line? Himself (Mystery Guest)
March 29, 1961 Project 20 Host / Narrator Episode: "The Real West"


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