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Gary DeVore (September 17, 1941 – June 28, 1997) was a Hollywood screenwriter best known for Raw Deal. He began his writing career with Chuck Barris on TV game shows like The Gong Show.


Personal Life and Death[edit]

Devore was married to Nat King Cole's widow, Maria Cole (1969-77) and the actresses Sandie Newton (1981-1985), Claudia Christian (1988-92) and Wendy Devore (1993-1997).

After it was announced he was to direct his first feature, Devore disappeared in June 1997. A year later his car, with his body inside, was discovered submerged in the California Aqueduct in Palmdale, California.[1]

His death is the subject of a 2014 documentary film, The Writer with No Hands, which attempts to prove that he died as a result of foul play.


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