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Gary DeVore (September 17, 1941 – June 28, 1997) was a Hollywood screenwriter best known for Raw Deal and for his bizarre death in 1997.

Screenwriter Credits[edit]

Personal Life and Death[edit]

DeVore disappeared in June 1997, prompting an extensive search and media speculation. A year later, his car was discovered submerged in the California Aqueduct in Palmdale, California.[1] A documentary film, The Writer with No Hands, attempts to prove that he was a victim of the CIA.

DeVore began his writing career in the late 1960s on shows like Chuck Barris's The Newlywed Game, The Steve Allen Show and Tempo.

DeVore married the singer Maria Cole (1969–78) and the actresses Sandie Newton (1981–85), Claudia Christian (1988-92) and Wendy Devore (1993–97). He was romantically linked to a string of other starlets in the mid-1980s, including Season Hubley, Priscilla Barnes, and Janet Jackson, as well as the controversial producer Julia Phillips.


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