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Gary Gilbertson was a music composer for the Atari 8-bit family of home computers. His music made use of the AMP engine for the Atari POKEY chip which was programmed by Philip Price. Together, the two of them started a development company called Paradise Programming.

Gary saw games as an audio-visual experience and thus thought that music was an important part of a game, so he tried to make the sound as memorable as possible. Gary was lucky to have been given a much better music handler (the AMP engine) than other contemporary musicians at the time, and he made good use of it. When Paradise Programming was demoing The Tail of Beta Lyrae, Atari was so impressed that they asked him to look them up when it was completed, and also asked if they could show his music disk around. Datamost also asked Gary if they could use his music to set off their display.

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