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Gary Love
Born Gary Love
Occupation Actor & Director
Years active 1983-2007

Gary Love is a British actor and film director. He is best known for playing the role of Sergeant Tony Wilton in the award winning series Soldier Soldier. Also in Grange Hill as Jimmy McClaren in 1984. He is also a director and has directed episodes of Londons Burning, Casualty & Waking The Dead.

He attended the Barbara Speake Stage School in Acton, west London.

His father owned a restaurant that was featured on Gordon Ramsay's TV programme Kitchen Nightmares. Gary Love is currently involved in a High Court case over a financial dispute with Gordon Ramsey Holdings (GRH) who rent Love's pub/restaurant, the 160-year old York & Albany in Regents Park, London. GRH claim that the rental lease, which has Gordon Ramsay as a personal guarantor, was signed using a ‘ghost-writing’ machine to forge his signature. According to the writ, GRH own at least two of the machines, which can electronically replicate a signature using a fountain pen or ballpoint. The document reveals that Ramsay’s company uses the machines to sign his cookbooks and other merchandise.

Love was quoted as saying "I don’t know how Gordon Ramsay has got the temerity to bring this claim, which simply makes him look completely ridiculous" and described Ramsay’s allegation as an "absurd" attempt to wriggle out of his £640,000 per annum rental commitments.[1]


As actor[edit]

Jack the Ripper as Derek
Never the Twain as Postman
Blackeyes as Colin (2 episodes)
Stoned as Jeff

As Director[edit]

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