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Gary Myers
Gary Myers (writer).jpg
Born Gary Clayton Myers
(1952-08-15) August 15, 1952 (age 62)
Lynwood, California, United States
Occupation short-story writer, novelist, illustrator
Nationality United States
Genre fantasy, horror

Gary Clayton Myers (born August 15, 1952) is an American writer of fantasy and horror. He is a resident of Fullerton, California. His first book, The House of the Worm, was a collection of Cthulhu Mythos stories in the fantasy manner of H. P. Lovecraft and Lord Dunsany; it was published by Arkham House in 1975 and is now out of print [1]. His second book, Dark Wisdom, was a collection of Cthulhu Mythos stories in a more contemporary horror mode; it was published by Mythos Books in 2007. His third book, The Country of the Worm, was an expansion of the first, adding thirteen stories to the original ten; it was published by CreateSpace in 2013. His fourth book, Gray Magic, was his first novel, a fantasy adventure of Eibon of Mhu Thulan, a character and milieu invented by Clark Ashton Smith; it was published by CreateSpace in 2013.

Myers is also illustrator for most of his books. He contributed ten black-and-white interior illustrations to the 2007 edition of Dark Wisdom, and color cover illustrations to the 2013 editions of Dark Wisdom, Gray Magic and The Country of the Worm.


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