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Gary Pearson is a Canadian comedian, and television writer producer. He grew up in the southwestern Ontario village of Comber. Taking an early interest in politics and art, he began to do editorial cartoons for the nearby weekly newspaper The Tilbury Times.[1]

He attended Sheridan College's illustration course,[2] then later the Cartooning and Graphic Story course. He got work in the public Canadian Broadcasting Corporation animation department and became one of its mainstays. He animated segments for Mr. Dressup.

In the late 1980s, he got involved with the improv comedy troupe Dangerous Poultry through the group Theatresports Toronto, then with The Chumps,[3] who had a weekly radio show on CBC Radio. He was part of The Second City for a time and was a widely recognized face from dozens of TV commercials and television shows in the 1990s. He appeared on such TV comedies as The Newsroom, The Kids In The Hall,, all on CBC, and the drama ENG on CTV.

He scripted multiple CBC Radio programs such as Muckraker which he created. Eventually he joined the Los Angeles staff of MAD TV, where he contributed writing to 25 episodes of the hit Fox program. He returned to Canada to write for 5 seasons of This Hour Has 22 Minutes and the hit CTV sitcomCorner Gas.[4] In 2009 he became the head writer and executive producer of That's So Weird, a youth comedy for YTV.[5] It has 39 episodes over 3 seasons and is seen in Canada, Latin America and Australia. In 2009 and 2010 Gary also wrote for The Ron James Show, a comedy for CBC.[5]

Pearson has won a Canadian Comedy Award[6] and A Writer's Guild of Canada award for writing on This Hour Has 22 Minutes,[7] and has 5 additional award nominations including for Canada's Gemini Awards. In 2014 He won a Canadian Screen Award for his work on This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Pearson has written two novels, the romantic comedy 'Slapshot of Love' and the political satire 'Me and the Crack Mayor', which concerns an out of control Mayor of Toronto, similar to recent actual events. Both are available from and


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