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The Gishkori are a domki Baloch tribe mostly settled in the areas of district Sibi City gorgij, Dera Ismail Khan, Muzaffargarh,,Laeyyah Dera Ghazi Khan, Muhammad Pur Diwan, Ali Pur and Kot Addu of Western Punjab as well as in Balochistan, particularly Makran and Quetta. Gashkori tribe is the branch of Bevrigh domki (Rind), Muqaddam of Mir Chakar Khan Rind. They helped the Rind tribe in the Tricennial Battle against the Lasharies.

Gishkori came there with their great leader Mir chakar Azam Khan. They fought against the British commandar Barkaly. They helped Ahamad yar Khan Kharal leader of the Kharal nation in Punjab. Gishkories are commanders of Mir Chakar Khan. Gishkories came back after the death of Mir Chakar Khan.Also very well known fighters caste.