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Gaspar Bouttats I (Alternative names: Caspar Bouttats, Gasper Bouttats, Gaspard-Martin Bouttats and Jasper Bottats) (Antwerp, c. 1640 - Antwerp, 1695–96) was a Flemish painter and engraver of the Baroque period.


He was born in Antwerp in a family of engravers. He was the son of the engraver Frederick Bouttats I and Marie de Weert. His uncle Philibert Bouttats was an engraver and his younger brother Frederick Bouttats also became a famous engraver.[1] He was trained by his father. He was registered in 1668-69 with the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke as a "wijnmeester’’ (wine master) which was a title reserved for the children of the members of the Guild and thus indicates that his father was also a member of the Guild at that time. He was dean of the guild in 1690-1.

He was the teacher of his son Pieter Balthazar Bouttats and of Jan Antoon de Pooter, Geeraet van Caseel (1668-9), Michiel van Hove (1672-3), Jan Francis Clouwet (1672-3); Carolus Bouttats (1690-91) and Gaspar de Man (1694-5).[1]


He engraved chiefly for the booksellers, and also made some plates after different masters. They are principally etched, and some finished with the burin. The following works are by him:

View of Gouda, after a drawing by Jan Peeters I.
  • Frontispiece for the Psalms of St. Augustine; Gaspar Boutats fec.
  • The Massacre of St. Bartholomew.
  • The Assassination of Henry IV.
  • The Decollation of Count Nadasti, Count Corini, and Marquis Francipani.
  • A Sutler's Tent; after Philips Wouwerman.

He also etched the plates for a folio volume of 'Views of Jerusalem, and the surrounding Country;' after the designs of Johannes Peters and also with Johannes Peeters, en nog samen met Jan Peeters in 1674, the Thooneel der Steden ende Sterckten van t' Vereenight Nederlandt met d'aengrensende Plaetsen soo in Brabandt Vlaenderen als anden Rhijn en elders verovert door de Waepenen der Groot-moghende Heeren Staeten onder het gheley vande seer Edele.[2]


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