Gaspard and Lisa

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For the television show, see Gaspard and Lisa (TV series).
Gaspard and Lisa
Author Anne Gutman
George Hallensbelen
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Children
Published 2001-present

Gaspard and Lisa are two fictional dogs appearing in a series of books created by wife and husband Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensbelen.

The books center on two canine friends: Gaspard (the black dog with a blue scarf) and Lisa (the white dog with a red scarf) who go on various adventures. The dogs are indentical by shape, albeit different in color.

Book series[edit]

Title Publication date
Gaspard on Vacation March 13, 2001
Lisa's Airplane Trip March 13, 2001
Gaspard in Hospital September 11, 2001
Gaspard and Lisa at the Museum September 28, 2001
Gaspard at the Seashore April 9, 2002
Lisa in New York April 9, 2002
Gaspard and Lisa's Rainy Day March 11, 2003
Lisa in the Jungle September 9, 2003
Gaspard and Lisa: Friends Forever September 9, 2003
Gaspard and Lisa's Ready-for-School Words June 22, 2004
Lisa's Baby Sister September 11, 2012
Gaspard and Lisa's Christmas Surprise September 11, 2012

TV adaptation[edit]

Production company Chorion produced animated cartoons based on the books. The TV series debuted in 2010.