Gastrosplenic ligament

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Ligament: Gastrosplenic ligament
Horizontal disposition of the peritoneum in the upper part of the abdomen. (Gastrolienal ligament labeled at upper left.)
Latin ligamentum gastrosplenicum, ligamentum gastrolienale
Gray's p.1283
From greater curvature of the stomach
To splenic hilum
Dorlands/Elsevier l_09/12492276

The gastrosplenic ligament (ligamentum gastrosplenicum or gastrolienal ligament) is part of the greater omentum.

Embryonically the gastrosplenic ligament is derived from the dorsal mesogastrium.[1]

The gastrosplenic ligament is made of peritoneum that connects the greater curvature of stomach with the hilum of the spleen.

Contains: Short gastric vessels and left gastro-epiploic vessels


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