Gata de Gorgos

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Gata de Gorgos seen from Coves Roges, with the Montgó mountain in the background

Gata de Gorgos (Valencian: [ˈɡata ðe ˈɣoɾɣos], Spanish: [ˈɡata ðe ˈɣorɣos]) is a village in the Marina Alta region of the north Costa Blanca in Spain. It has a population of 5,325 (2005).

The village is known for its wicker industry and for having an unusually large number of bars and restaurants per capita. Boasting over 30 bars, the most popular are Ca Corder, which is located in the church square, and Ca Patrics, which is located in the Placa Nuevo.

The town's fiestas take place during July to honour The Christ of the Calvary.[clarification needed] The highlight to many is the Paella Night, where most of the town congregate in the school to cook paella in the open air before being entertained by a band.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 38°46′N 0°05′E / 38.767°N 0.083°E / 38.767; 0.083