Gateway Regional School District (Massachusetts)

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Gateway Regional School District is a school district serving students from seven surrounding towns in Massachusetts including Huntington, Russell, Blandford, Chester, Worthington, Montgomery, and Middlefield.

The district consists of 2 elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school providing educational services to approximately 1,500 students in grades K-12.


Gateway Regional's system includes

  • Gateway Regional High School
  • Gateway Regional Middle School
  • Littleville Elementary
  • R.H. Conwell Elementary (closed)
  • Chester Elementary
  • Blandford Elementary (closed)
  • Russell Elementary (closed)

Due to recent budget issues, it was announced that at the end of the 2009-2010 school year, Russell Elementary, RH Conwell Elementary (Worthington), and Blandford Elementary will be closing in an effort to save money. Students that normally would have attended those schools now go to Littleville Elementary. RH Conwell re-opened under the name of RH Conwell Community Education Center for the 2010-2011 school year and is now successfully run as a private school by residents of the town of Worthington. The majority of students who would have been forced to go to Littleville attend the CEC instead.



  • Dr. David Hopson - Superintendent
  • Stephanie Fisk - Business Manager


  • Jason Finnie - Jr./Sr.High School Principal
  • Anthony Sabonis - Jr./Sr. High School Assistant Principal
  • Meghan Couborn - Elementary/Middle School Principal
  • Elizabeth Biena - Elementary/Middle Vice School Principal
  • Alice Taverna - Director of Pupil Services


In 1949, the concept of a regional high school was presented to the townspeople[where?] by Superintendent, Dana O. Webber as a solution to the educational facilities problem in this[where?] valley. The idea was voted down at that time but was presented again in 1950-1951. Many meetings were held in the towns[which?] involved, and a brochure suggesting curriculum and cost was presented to the townspeople. But in 1952 the issue was once more turned down by the voters. It was not until 1955 that the matter was reconsidered. The[which?] committee spent more than a year trying to arrive at a solution best suited to the four towns, and in May 1957, Huntington and Montgomery voted in favor of accepting; Blandford had a tie vote; and Chester defeated the issue. In July of the same year, the towns of Huntington and Montgomery voted to form a two-town district, the nucleus of the eventual Gateway Regional School District. Worthington and Chester were admitted by amendment in 1959, but Chester withdrew in 1960.

At town meetings in 1961, initial funds were appropriated for capital outlay, and an option to purchase the present school site was taken. The architects and contractors were chosen, and ground-breaking ceremonies were held on June 28, 1962. Superintendent Dana O. Webber was elected Superintendent by the committee at its inception and has been re-elected each year since. Mrs. Stella Belisle was elected clerk of the committee in 1961.

In the fall of 1962, the town of Middlefield requested an amendment for its admittance to the district, and in November that town was admitted. The new school began its official school year on Wednesday, September 4, 1963, with an enrollment of 240 Students.

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