Gather Me

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Gather Me
Studio album by Melanie
Released October 1971
Genre Pop
Label Neighborhood Records (US)
Buddah Records (UK)
Producer Peter Schekeryk
Melanie chronology
All the Right Noises
Gather Me
Stoneground Words

Gather Me is a 1971 album released by Melanie and featuring the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart #1 song "Brand New Key" (a novelty hit which also reached the #1 chart position in Canada, New Zealand and Australia between November 1971 and March 1972[1]). The album also features the singles "Some Day I'll Be a Farmer" and the Top 40 hit "Ring the Living Bell". The album was certified Gold in the U.S. and was arranged by Roger Kellaway.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars [2]
Robert Christgau B+ [3]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Melanie Safka.

  1. "Little Bit of Me"
  2. "Some Day I'll Be a Farmer"
  3. "Steppin'"
  4. "Brand New Key"
  5. "Ring Around the Moon"
  6. "Ring the Living Bell"
  7. "Railroad"
  8. "Kansas"
  9. "Some Say (I Got Devil)"
  10. "Center of the Circle"
  11. "What Wondrous Love"
  12. "Baby Day"
  13. "Tell Me Why"



Album Charts Peak
U.S Charts 15 [4]
U.K. Album Charts 14
Australian Album Charts 9
Canadian Album Charts 14


Singles Charts Title Peak
U.S Billboard Hot 100 "Brand New Key" 1
Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart "Brand New Key" 5
U.S Cash Box Charts "Brand New Key" 1
U.K. Chart "Brand New Key" 4
Australian Charts "Brand New Key" 1
Canadian Charts "Brand New Key" 1
U.S Billboard Hot 100 "Ring the Living Bell" 31
U.S Cash Box Charts "Ring the Living Bell" 21
Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart "Ring the Living Bell" 18
Australian Charts "Ring the Living Bell" 74
Canadian Charts "Ring the Living Bell" 24
U.S Billboard Bubbling Under Chart "Some Day I'll Be a Farmer" 106
U.S Cash Box Charts "Some Day I'll Be a Farmer" 79
Australian Charts "Some Day I'll Be a Farmer" 95


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